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It is a big day for me . Today my Chemistry exam is finally passed . It is gone for years , until I decide whether to take it or not , and obviously , it will never happen .
SO it has been a long day , I am resting , eating , enjoying and everything . I am HAPPY .

It is time for celebrating my success with my little career in designing . I never knew I'd come that far . I am so blessed that people like my reader , followers and friends are so supportive .
NBD was started with my passsion for designing , I always thought my career was finance field because of my family career . I still want to be . I'd go in Accounting or banking or some kind of that . But in high school , I had Computer Science as main subject . Who knew it would become my passion and somehow , my creativity came out throught this way . I feel blessed .

I want to thank you all , my readers . It wouldn't be possible without you all . I love you all :)
To celebrate my happy day ,there's a little celebration from NBD . It's a giveaway of Custom Blog Design from NBD .
Winner will get a blog design from me ,worths 50$ :)
There's a discount code of 10% on everything , which is ( NBD13 ) . Use it at the Discount Code tab :) It is valid till 1 May .
The giveaway will run for 5 days , winner will be picked on asap as the giveaway ends :) Reffer T&C for more info ;)
Good Luck!
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  1. My nickname is Malo. I have been called Malo since... forever! and I love it :) I'm from France!!

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  3. I'm so happy for you, you have come a long way from piczo :-)
    You and are are true friends to me :-)
    Leila xx

  4. Congrats Noor, so excited for you! i made sure to like and share on Facebook!

  5. Bethy is my nick name that my mom gave me. Love this giveaway & congrats!

  6. Nick Name: baby
    My parents gave it to me.

  7. My nickname is Lemanie! A friend of mine oddly licked my face and told me I didn't taste like lemons but decided she was going to call me Lemanie...I dunno she was weird!! =P

    Ergo - Blog

  8. My nickname became big bird, my friends mum called me it and then it just caught on. P.S just like to add, thats because I'm tall, not fat ;)

    UK x

  9. Congrats! My nickname is Sapphy, i guess it's short for my name?? Haha. I wish i could be given an exciting nickname! also i'm from England ^^


  10. My nickname is "Ana." My full name is Analilia but I could never spell it correctly as a kid, so ANA was adopted. LOL

  11. My nick name is "Acir" , It's how you read my real name on backwards :) That's where I got my blog name as well I just added ah on the end and replaced "c" whith "k" Akirah :) I'm from Philippines♥

  12. Congrats Hun :) I would participate, but my design is being made by another friend so I might not need 2 designs even if I love your designs :)
    I have a giveaway that just started & that you might like, take a look :) xo, Lara

  13. My nickname is, Nica. My mom gave that nickname and it's actually a combination of my mother and father's names. I'm from the Philippines :)

  14. My nickname is Mame, my mum calls all her female daughters like that. living in Canada :)

  15. my mom call me Ateh since i'm the fourth in my siblings. my friends call me Allen. my dorm mates started it first. living in Malaysia.

  16. I have many nicknames: Bex (shortened from Rebecca) Smithy (from my surname Smith) BottleOf (there is a beer called Becks over here, hence the name 'Bottle of' Becks'

    I'm from the UK :) x

  17. Nice giveaway Noor! I love your designs! Wish I was as talented as you! I've had loads of nicknames : My Dad has never called me Bel, he always calls me Jane, no idea why... Friends at school in France used to call me Captain Disaster, because I would always end up in sticky situations, and in Morocco my 4x4 friends call me 'Frog' (because my car looks like a Frog) :)
    Take care

  18. My nickname is SAM. It was given to me by my dad because I would take FOREVER getting ready. It stands for Slow as Molasses. I live in the US.
    Sarah Jane Mc.

  19. My nickname is Sassy from my mum when I was little!! UK oh yeah! :) fab give-away Noor!
    Sassy x



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