Dream Wedding

my dream wedding

Dress from Persun Mall . Find more Wedding dresses, bridal dress, wedding gowns there.
Just like any girl , gosh I've started to plan my wedding . Though haven't found the person to marry ;D
I am not a typical type . I always wish my wedding to take place in a lavish hotel . Where I would enter in my beautiful wedding gown . Wearing my favourite jewellery (diamond ofc) .

An elegant wedding dress, I want to feel like princess .
Beautiful jewellery , its okay if it is not diamond . But it must be pretty.
A diamond ring that fits my finger , a perfect pair.
A bouquet of white roses ( I LOVE ROSES)
High heels * I am a fashionista afterall*
A perfect man
(essential though)

Lol , I guess it is too early to dream about it . But hey , it is important too . I guess more important is to concentrate on finding a perfect man . People say that fate has already decided whatever is going to happen . But let's play our bid first ;D
I wanted to say thanks to all new people who just joined me in few past days . And a huge thanks to all for appreciating my designs too . I will be working on a few more projects . Let's see what comes next :)
And most important , our blog hop "Grab a friend" is going live tomorrow . Don't forget to come tomorrow to join it . Me and Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella are the hosts . And if you would want to be co-host . Just email me :)
A preview

Stay fabulous guys,


  1. It's never to early to dream about your future wedding!! That dress is gorgeous!!!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Lovely selections, the dress is truly elegant. My husband and I knew that it was either a lavish wedding or a house and we bought a house :-)


  3. Oooooh love this post! Think I might have to steal it for my blog, if you don't mind of course ;) Love those heels!

    Cheriese xx She may be the Song that Summer Sings

  4. Maybe a bit early but glad you are dreaming Noor :)

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  5. Did I already tell u that I'm getting married in July????
    I am so excited!



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