Beginning to Success

Exams are over , I am better . It wasn't a great experience , but anyways it is gone :)
Back to life , it is simple again . I'm leaning more towards becoming a free-lancer except being a designer .

I don't have a lot on me to pay but I just wish to tell the world I can do anything on my own too .
I still remember when I made 9$ with my first design . I was happy & excited to show my Mum . I was planning to spend it on everything I wanted . But they were just 9$ . They ended up getting a music CD for myself .

Now time is changed . My needs are changed . I am planning to have a gadget for myself and it costs a lot of money . I have made some and I still need more . When my family offered me to have some from them , I said NO .
I still wonder why I said so . I never thought I could do anything on my own and earning money is one of those targets . I knew I couldn't . But time is one of the strangest thing . You never know what's coming next and time after time , I eanred more & then a little more . And this circle was going on and is still going on .
Success would never come to you until you go to search for it . Though luck & fate decides a lot for us but the real point comes when you actually want to do things for yourself .

But it is fun too . Being in a job without any terms & boss is awesome. I work as a free-lancer who just have a tons of work but NO BOSS . (Except when Mum is around ).
My basic work is Blog Designing but I also sponsor blogs , stores & boutiques . Affiliating & working with stores is also one of the things I arrange . Plus I also write as free-lancer .

It is my story in some ways , from beginning to success . I wonder how others change their lives on their own . How did you start?


  1. I'm so glad everything is going well for you :-)
    Wish I could do designs :-)
    Leila xx

  2. Happy to hear that your exams are over .. :-)


  3. That is awesome! Its nice to make your own income. I enjoy making extra money from my etsy shop when I have the time to make things.

  4. I have the same aspect to work... NO BOSS! It runs in the family, my father is an artist (painting).
    xo, Lara

  5. I'd love to design blogs for a living, so jealous :(


  6. sounds great, good luck Noor


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