3 T.V shows that made me T.V addict

I barely get to watch television. TLC & Discovery are my most watched televsion channels . Whenever I get to manage time for T.V shows , I always watch three shows . Extreme Cheapstakes , WWE & Man,Woman Wild .

This TLC show has been awesome throughout this WHOLE time . You wouldn't believe how awesome (sometimes offensive) tricks could be used to save money.
My favourite episode is one when a man paid the bill of his family dinner of approx 94$ in coins . HOLY COINS!! Clever enough but the casher & waiter there seemed pretty confused in the situation . (Who was gonna handle the coins?) The tip he paid was also in coins! I was amazed to see how he saved . I should have learnt some .

I doubt how did I start watching WWE. My grandfather used to watch night show of WWE & I was only interested in commentery . But night show was oftenly Cena Time . So I started watching John Cena by time. I only watch WWE when he's playing .

It is not-your-another-survival show . Starring Mykel hawke & Ruth England. Mykel is a former Special Forces survival expert but Ruth is a TV journalist. Their survival in the most dangerous locations & terrible situations is thrilling . I hardly watch survival shows but they're rocking it . 
Ruth England is not used to this hard life but is supporting Mykel . It is a must watch survival show .

What are your favourite T.V shows? Have you seen any of the above?


  1. My fave shows are The Walking Dead, Nurse Jackie and American Horror Story. Oh and Dexter too!!

    I hate WWE... LOL and I have never heard of the others.

  2. I used to watch WWE religiously when I was younger. :) I think it was my brother who persuaded me.


  3. I used to watch WWE when I was a kid too! I had so much fun

  4. Hahah cool shows! I wish to check them out too hohoho~
    Happy weekend dear!

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  5. I have to check out Man Woman Wild!! Looks like my kinda show! =)



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