Feeling Free & Light + Giveaway

After a whole week and days of cramming things up . I am now feeling so light and free . My exams from school has ended . Kinda YAY . Because exam's stress is the worst . Beating for marks , many things to remember , fight for right . Blah blah stuff happens.
Though the real examinations aren't here yet . But I rather being happy at the little storm first :D

SO , what did I miss?
-Google reader is going down . And I'm already using Bloglovin' . But one thing is blur for me . Google said that Google reader is going down . Not Google Friend Connect . Because GFC is connected with Blogger and they're not letting down the Dashboard . If that so , it could be on Dashboard . But anyways , let's wait until 1 July .

 -My coloured hair obsession hasn't tamed . I want to have extensions because I think using colours or chalks for hair would damage them ultimately . But hair extensions may now work the same + they are too hard to attach (When you are just a pre-bee) . Do you have any tip?

colourful hair
Little Wish : Dear coloured hair stuff , why you never love me and come to me?

I have thought of changing my reply system . SO from now , you'll have my reply in your Email box unless you're a no-reply blogger ;)

This week , I'm co-hosting Gumball's giveaway . Join to win an amazing ring :)

Disclosure : I'm just a co-host . The prize will be rewarded from Gumball . The winner will be notified via Email from Gumball and will be announced on their website . This is open to everyone . But reffer to the T&C from Gumball.

Thanks to everyone who checked my blog & followed while I was away from blogosphere . It means a lot :)


  1. Yeah everyone keeps saying GFC is going down but they've actually only said Google Reader! So confusing! I will make sure I follow you Bloglovin too just in case! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. GFC is still gonna work with other feedburners, for example Bloglovin :)
    Hair chalk does not damage hair btw :3 Colors do, chalk doesn't :)
    ^URL changed ><. Got hacked ><

    1. I hope they're not closing the GFC . Nothing can beat that system at least for blogger. I'll try to use chalks , though they're pretty hard to find .

  3. Congrats on all your exams being done! I love that feeling after exam week.
    I've always been using Bloglovin since I started blogging, I love it so much better than Google :D


    1. Thank u Jessica :) Yeah I get it , rest is always so pleasure lol !

  4. Happy your exams are over. Hope they went well. Now you can relax! :)
    I don't think chalk damages your hair (I've never used it). I have dyed my hair many colors (plus dyed it after having had it straitened). Darker colors do not seem to damage my hair at all, but bleaching does! What kind of extensions do you want? Glue, ring, braided or clip in? In the past I have had glue (keratin) extensions, which were pretty awesome and look really natural. Apparently they are rather expensive and you have to go back to the hairdresser every week or two for up keeping (avoid knots at the base) (I'm lucky to have a good friend who is a hairdresser and does it for free :) ). Clip in extensions are really cool and pratical. You can get loads of different colors, and change everyday ! Plus you can keep them for ages because you don't wear them all the time. I couldn't have crazy colored hair for my previous work so clip ins were the ultimate solution (normal strict smart hair at work and crazy colored hair for evening outings). I have trouble clipping in the back pieces, so I get somebody to do it for me^^
    Take care

    1. I'm so happy that they're passed . It was a tensed month .
      I tried to convince my Mum to let me use chalks but she doesn't seem to be agreed by the idea . I've never used them so I don't have an idea about their damage or how much they can stay . I need clip in extension , it's hard for me to go to a dresser just for extension plus it would be hard for me to wear extensions all the time . SO clip-in , woot woot.

  5. There's temporary dyes out there for those shocking bright colors like the wigs. They are suppose to be non damaging to the hair.

    Have a great weekend!



    1. I hope I can get one tube just for the tips . They're amazing :D

  6. cool!!

    I want invite you to the giveaway on my blog from CHOIES. You can win 50 $+ secret gift. Would you join?


  7. That is one really nice ring <3 Hope you did well in your exam ^^ And I am also a fan of hair chalking or having colourful hair but yeah, having too much of that will damage our hair permanently. I have not found good hair extensions yet ;_;


    1. Same trouble here . I wish i'd be able to have some new supplies for hair . I love bright colours :D

  8. beautiful photo!:)

    I'm your new follower, follow me back?:)

    Kisses from Poland!

  9. You look great Noor!!!


  10. Your blog and blog designs are gorgeous!

    I don't understand about the Google blog thing either! I hate exam stress, I've got exams soon and I just do not want to deal with studying all the time and the stress that comes with it etc! Ugh! I hope you get good marks though!



    1. Thank you Isabella :)
      Yeah , I'm confused about Google and stuff . Wish to get it more soon as I haven't :D All things about exams are stressful . I actually never liked them ;)

  11. Love this ring, nice giveaway!! :-)

    Aldo's clutch GIVEAWAY is up on my blog right now:

  12. Hurrah for exams being over! When do you get the results?

    Corinne x

    1. In parents teacher meetings , which is gonna be held this saturday .

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  14. Love your outfit! I know what you mean about wanting different hair! I have a wig collection! I happened upon your blog and am your newest follower. I would love if you’d visit me at : the daily savant : and follow if you like! I also have a giveaway on now!

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