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It's sunday and I was thinking of nothing , of course a week of laziness just passed through and I'm not quite ready to move into New year with all its blasts . And then school :'/
But yesterday I got a Leibster award from Sara , it's my second Liebster award so I'm so happy :) If you wann read about it , you can check my previous post HERE .

                                        11 randomly facts about myself. 
I am addicted to tea.
I love teen pop than Hip Hop.
I love reading , I can spend days and nights reading.
I hate Histories as subject but I always get high marks in it.
I am anti-Chemistry student.
I love to travel.
I have a twin sister .
I am not punctual.
I hate to exercise .
I love badminton rather than tennis .
I love to scratch my nail polish.

11 Questions from Sara :
1-What is your zodiac sign?
I'm a Lion *paws*
2-If you have to go on a desert island and to take with you just three things, what would you take?
A tablet or laptop , a magazine and a tea thermos
3-Do you smoke?
No ~_~
4-Your favorite food?
Chinese and Pakistani food.
5-Your favorite super hero? Why?
Batman , he seems so real :D
6-Have you a lucky number? Which is it?
Yea , it's 5 .
7-Sea or mountain?
8-Your favorite animal?
9-Are you a fashion victim?
NO .
10-Have you a recurring dream?
not really.
11-What is you favorite transport?
Slim cars.

My nominees would remain the same , ahaha I guess they're all worthy.

But I thought that I can use a icon of my own , which could be called So Social . I'll use it on Sundays , so here's the first post of So Social. 
(I can babble about anything by using this icon , ah woah so clever of me :D)

I'm Noor . Wow you know that? I'm 15 , ah you didn't guess right? I have a twin sister , you know her ? OMG she's famous than me? Noooooooooo.
 You don't know her *sigh* well she's just a blogger :D

I'm still in High School , a bright student , you didn't know that? Well it's so common now but who would believe when I'm spending hours here? But I'm still -_-

My sundays are always so cozy , because I wake up after 11am . But thanks God my Mom doesn't complain about it (just so far) , but I would get scolded in future.
I always wanted to drive , but I didn't get any vehicle of my own except a bicycle , can you imagine going for mountain on a bicycle? No so my both dreams were forbidden . Ofcourse going mountains was a dream
I like to eat , we all do . But I like to eat fry potato , which is extremely bad for beauty concious teenagers + Moms + everyone. But I still love to , so Sunday is obviously an escape to eat such things :D

And the only thing I can shout about is that "I LOVE SUNDAY"

It's my first idea of being social , and it doen't seem so bad . I'll try it every week :D 

Have a great weekend ,
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  1. Replies
    1. Yay thumbs up for you . I love tea BADDLLY

  2. nice facts about you :)
    Im addicted to coffee ahaha
    Awww Alannahs a leo like you :D
    I love your blog layout :)
    Ive changed mine again ahaha


    1. Oh my Alannah's leo? I didn't know that. Haha thanks, I designed it myself , hope its looking better than previous , did you hire a designer?

  3. congrats for the award! <3

  4. Ah , don't worry Noori , the whole area knows that you are lazy . Oh my , I knew that!

  5. Great blog! I'm a new follower from the Blog Hop Meet and Greet :)



  6. I found you via the Meet and Greet Blog Hop and am now following you! I've always wanted a sister...maybe not a twin, but I'd take what I could get, but I think a twin might be 22 years too late. Lol!


    1. Lol , but it's true that sisters are a better friends :)Thanks as well ;)

  7. Hi I found you through the Sunday-Monday Blog Hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. Happy New Year.

  8. Congratulations on your award! :)

  9. Congrats on your award :) nice to connect via the blogging world. I also love tea and traveling.


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