December + Sorrow for no reason + Giveaway :D

Hello :D

What a pretty trouble was the yesterday . It could be Yuck-s-ter-day , because I had lost my internet connection with Wi-Fi and it meant " a hell day" :(

December has already started and it's pretty cold ( freezing) but I can't feel the right winter . Mum obtrusively made me wear sweater but I couldn't feel right to wear . Even my feet are freezing but I haven't worn socks , dunno what I need. I guess when its snow then maybe , but bad thing is that , there's never snow so maybe I can wait for rain . But when I leave for school , I wear sweater quietly , maybe it's too cold outside in morning , who wishes to turn a snow man !! :D ( My pretty guess :P )

I want to end my year up on something really good , like my 2012 went worse so I wish it to end up on good . So there's only one thing at which I'm madly running towards , is Ipod Touch .

 So I am convincing Mum , I am not so brave to ask for it from Baba Jaani ( I say it instead of Papa or dad) , it's not like I'm coward . I know he doesn't like it . He says , he doesn't like to see teenager girls messing around with these kinda gadgets where they pass the whole time listening music or doing stupid stuff . Like taking photos of every single moment . He is clever , that's why he gave me a camera , so that while taking picture , everyone can see what I'm doing :S Well it's his care , he said he could even give me an iPhone but when I grow up to that age where it could be a better use. But now I don't think it's bad to have an iPod touch , it's like the whole iPhone without a sim card , it's not like the phone's crazy stuff : /

So put your hands up and pray for me to have an iPod immediately . I'm a patient and iPod is the cure . I have eaten poison and iPod is the antidote . [ Ah I should leave the drama queen stuff right now ;) ]

And one things super worst has gone up from my head , I have lost my camera . Not really , actually it has been snatched away by Mum , she says that me and Areeba are taking too much pictures of stupid stuff and we have already damaged camera two time and third time would be last so she's never gonna give back, well until one month is obvious :'( I wish to have a escape from this situation . Or gather recent pictures I have on other gadgets I barely use :'(

just love this picture of me for no reason :D
My pictures with camera , just added for seeing it again :P
Woah it's like my somehow longest post :D Well how's your Christmas preparations?  I think you all have gathered gifts and huge present boxes ;) My lovely friend Beth just did a Giveaway and that's really really awesome , for Christmas . It contains 12 GREAT items that you'd definitely love to have. So move on and check her Giveaway out , it's her first giveaway :)

Have a great+ freezing time ;)

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  1. I hope you will get the iPod, and it has a camera too so you can take all of the silly photos in the world!! :)

  2. Ow ;( My mom got mad when I got too much pics as a teenager, but that was coz it was a film camera and every single film did cost money :D
    x, Lara

    1. Ahaha it was suppose to be . But nowadays , Mums got digital and get hold of camera too :D

  3. Booo! It does suck being without wi-fi, i'm regularly without it because i have to pay for it myself and it sucks :C

    Best of luck with your ipod, sweetheart!


    1. Yeah . I cant imagine life without it :S
      Thanks lovely , just needed your prayers ;)

  4. I hate not having wifi!!! it's the seriously one of the worst things ever. But Christmas preparations had been going extremely well. I finished all my Holiday shopping and I've wrapped them all too so thumbs up to that! :D Also, I hope you get your camera back. :D


    1. Yeah , one of the WORST things in life :S
      Woah great , going too fast , I'm so lame at the moment . two thumbs up for you :D
      Thanks :D

  5. U look so cute) Thanks for sharing such a nice post! Also a very large 'thank you' for taking the time to leave a comment for me! I do appreciate that!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

    1. Thanks and my great pleasure lovely ;)

  6. you are so sweet! I like your camera :)


  7. aww... lol, go ask your mom back for your guy's camera!! and maybe you can try saving up money to get yourself an ipod if you really want. i dont think they are too expensive. haha i guess an itouch would be really nice though since you like taking photos and want to listen to music as well.. maybe you should make a deal with you parents, good grades = itouch gift! lol.

    what nationality are you two? dad in chinese is also baba :)

    - sarah -

    1. I wish she could be sympathetic like this >.<
      My pocket money is in local currency and I am unable to spend $ before I am older than 18 :( That's what I actually need :D
      I'm originally from Pakistan , an Asian state :) Hey I didn't know they also call dad Baba ;)

  8. Replies
    1. I guess its your time to have thanks from me and from others ;) Welcome lovely :D

  9. I hate it when the Internet and wi-fi are down. =(
    I hope you get that iPod. Life without music is just wrong! And the one with a camera is great for also taking photos. Keep us updated!
    I am on my way to go check out the giveaway now. =)

    1. Yeah :( I wish I could have it , I am now one with nothing , no camera no pods , I'm less than less :S
      Sure lovely , keeping an eye :D

  10. Aw too bad Noori, hope ur mom will return ur cam immediately, I can see how important it is to you. Just tell her that u are using it for ur blogs and not just for nonsense.


    1. Thanks lovely , I'm trying to convince her and I haven't seen my lovely (camera) for days ~_~

  11. so many changes on you blog!!!! <3 you make it really great and fanny!!! keep the good work girl!!! :) :) i wish you to take an I-pad soon!! and don't forget: THINK POSITIVE..!!! ;) ;)

    xoxo stefaniaaa :)

    1. Thanks , I put my whole time moving it here and there :D Hehe thanks I wish wish wish ~

  12. A tag for you Hun :3

  13. Hi Noor! Cool photos, you're very cute! :)



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