Winter is in the air

November's middle , can't wait for December . A great start winter and an end of year . Another year would have been gone after only a month , and a happy ending of 2012 . But if it's not happy ending of anything , it's not end .

It's an innocent middle of the week :) Today Histories paper went GREAT . That was easy but so confusing , well it went well and that's relaxing . Only two papers left *sighs*

In morning , ( I didn't polish up my shoes in night) so I was running for brush , I polished up shoes and rushed in one shoe in foot and other was still stuck . I thought I should had done them in night :s

During paper , I love watching around . teacher , class fellows , friends , as that was a HUGE paper , we had a lot to write .
When paper ended , I refused to go ( last time I was badly stuck with stupid children , if you remember) , Areeba was still in school hall so I let the van go :D Areeba was angry with me then , we didn't talk but fought , she tried to call Mum but it didn't work out :D Though we went to that place again , but it wasn't quite fun . And I guess we wouldn't go there again , because Mum , won't allow again YAY.

Pictures credit goes to Areeba , she took them last night . PJ PJ :P
I wonder , Areeba and I usually have same pictures , (SAME FACES) Urrrgghhhhh :D 

Have a great time :D

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  1. Lol you girls are so cute :D
    x, Lara

  2. you girls are so sweet! And do you have any idea how luck you are that you get to experience winter? In our country, its almost the same weather the whole year round!

    1. Oho , it's kinda same but we experience winter once in year ;D

  3. I actually got my hand frozen after writing 4 whole sheets >.<
    Oh well History just passed away! What a joy!!
    Thanks for the credit moti :P


    1. SAME :( I wish every paper could go on like this one , hard but easy so far :s
      Ahaha yea I'm great , not like youuhhh :P

  4. Is it that cold... or are you two cuties playing drama queens:)

    1. Haha we were playing either it was cold :D * We were actually whispering secrets * :P

  5. Looks like a lot of fun taking these photos!

  6. Both of you really look happy in that photos ^^
    But, which one is you and which one is Areeba?
    Hmm.. i still confuse when i meet a twin XD

    1. Hahaha I'm the onw with pink comforter , Areeba is the one who made moustache :D

  7. hmmm u are so sweet Noor :) nice to know U :)


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