Time goes on

Hello :)

Just two more days left for Chemistry's paper and I still haven't prepared for it . Well I intended last night that I would wake up early to learn all the definitions and notations but ....

today I woke up on 11:30 AM and there was no internet connection available :( It came on line about 1:00 PM . Just when my Mum and Hibo were anxious for searching Google Maps , they searched places they had seen in their childhood and were so happy . Ah I would never wanna disturb them but , me or New Generation of 21s' century's use Google Map as finding a way or something like that . It feels stupid to think a difference but that's it!

Right now , my stuff is going through a transfer , my cupboard and other stuff is shifting to my Grandma's room where mine and Areeba's beds are. 

This is not-so-cool Saturday type , now I'm sure my moaning about everything will only be stopped when I will be free from exams . There's something I always ask to myself , when I want good grades keenly then why I hate to study hard early , I study like ZOMBIES when exams are on my head . there's nothing I can do about it and blaming the Century , is not fair :(

Me , happy with hair looks Yay

I have been suffering through Flu , oh my God , help me please :( Flu irritates me a lot . Feels like I am about to cry but them a sneeze stops me whatever I was up to do . 

I am using a few new conditioners right now , and my hair are simply looking better. Yet usually they're not used to :D 

Looks great when I took photo of it :D

This is something special for me , it's my watch . When I was enrolled in Freshmen year , my parents gifted it to me . I had been using it but in last few days , it had some problems so it had to be replaced .I got a new watch lately from brand Citizen, which is also a gift from my parents on good grades :) I'll show it afterwards.

This watch is now replaced and I ditched it , but it made me realized that time always goes on , it never stops even if something's been broken . It never waits to fix it , it replaces . Time is so cruel but it's the nature of it , and we obey it , wishing never to be broken then replaced by time . So that's why being strong is essential :)

Little bio of this watch : From Brand Titan , having white straps while dial was aqua blue :) I bougth it from Naheed Super Store Karachi , from Luxury items sections . Paid by Babajaani for 35$ . I used it for school purpose :)
This pic of it makes me feel more photographer-ic :)

Have a very good day :) ,
Noor .
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  1. Ah , only God can pass us through Chemistry now. Google maps should be banned here hehe :P


    1. Yeah :S
      Lol Google map works for us too xD

  2. hi, thank u for stopping by my blog and lovely comment you left, it means a lot to me) Glad to meet you! Your blog is awesome!!! What do you say about following each other? I'm following you right now, hope you will do same!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alex

    1. Thanks :) Oh yea why not . I'm actually looking for good blogs and so for friends :)
      A huge hug and thanks :)


  3. you are so cute in this photoo!!!! I send you alla my positive energy!!! I hope to go very well on your exams..!!;) ;) - again sorry for my english- :P :P

    1. Eeeee Thankssssssss :** This means a lot , I need energy BADLY :P
      Hey languages never matter ;)

  4. Good luck on your exams!
    I like what you say about time, it's very true...

    1. Thanks :) I think there's nothing powerful than time thing :s

  5. Love the layout of your blog ^^. Ow, flu does suck, hope you are feeling better!
    x, Lara

    1. Thanks . Yea I'm feeling better now, Hate Flu :s

  6. Nice look! I am following you. I found you at my daughter's blog hungrycaramella.blogspot.com Many greetings from Sicily!

  7. Thanks :D I am following too :D
    Woah you both are great , I wish my mum could use blogger too :)

  8. Hey Noor, Hi you have a nice blog!
    I'm Nice watch you got there!
    P.S *new follower* :)

    hope you'll follow my blog as well!

  9. im already followed u back, ur hair is so beatiful ;)
    hope we can go along well ;)
    by the way, take a medicine n rest so u can get well soon


    1. Yay , this means alot :) I am looking for new blogger friends around and I'm so happy to see you :)
      Thanks for advice <3


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