Monday , I'm feeling Dizzy

A simple Monday for the world .

BUT as Monday is the jinxed day for me , I'm grounded till 16 November due to my exams , NAY , I hate this situation . I have to study a tons and I haven't even completed my course and I intend to have highest marks , ah I guess luck gives me a hand but this time is hard :s 

I am gonna attend a Marriage , I find these kinda gatherings "boring" , only interest is Photography . At a wedding , I prefer to stay with camera :D

Life is not easy as a Computer Science's student . It doesn't mean that you have to do alot , it just simply means you have to understand many things , one mistake can ruin a huge project. Even I'm not in Pro-subjects yet but something's there horrifies me ;)

I wish my O'levels could be done next year or else I have to move on with Territorial studies which I would never ever prefer . Why I think it twice whenever exams are near :P

Ah living as a lazy person is lame , but when everything's done so why would you move? Gimme to work Mom !!

It's lunch time and I think I should eat , or else I would be eating Marriage dinner so I gotta stop :P

Love ,

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