A bright smile :)

A fine day of November with bright sunshine :)

Last night I heard news that my school would be closed today due to a holiday and me and Areeba were literally overwhelming with happiness . This really made me happy because then I have four days break from paper as Chemistry's would be taken on Monday so in meantime , I'm free for today :D

Living a simple life isn't really easy , not really so far . I wish I could live on the edge of the world , if not then I could consider Rain forest . I love rain , the scene when you look outside of the window and there would be tiny drops of rain on the glass . The smell of earth after rain , it's like heaven .

 It's almost winter , there's nothing better than having sweaters on :) Autumn is going on slowly but I still find withered  leaves in back yard :) 

Perfect curls for me :)

It's a great time to listen Music and I can't stop pressing repeat button for The Broken Ones - Dia Frampton :)

It's afternoon and sun is so bright right now , just like a girl's smile , who's going to meadow for plucking flowers :)

Wish you all a good day :) 

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