Hashtag Kindness

Growing up, the only thing I remember being told was to be a kind person. Socially, religiously, typically. Be kind.

I can say I tried my least. Childhood does come with a great joy of no responsibilities and that's what I suppose saved me from not doing what I was supposed to. But fast forward to all these years, this is still the only thing on my mind; be kind.

It's probably a very small thing. To be kind to others and, to some extent, to yourself.

What is kindness specifically? It's patting a little child when they do something good, it's watering a plant placed remotely from a water source, it's anything and everything if you know how exactly to proceed it.

Religiously, when Ramadan arrives, kindness seems to be everywhere. It's a holy month of Muslim calendar when muslims fast each day for a month long. Out of all the blessings this month brings, kindness is the list topper. I've seen people who hated each other come forward to forgive and forget. I've seen women donating their priceless dresses and possessions to those in need. I've seen kindness in the most unlikely places in Ramadan.

Do you know what's the best part about kindness? It's free.

Ramadan and kindness go along well. I am lucky to be a part of a campaign that combines them both and gives back to society and people in need. It's #TweetAMeal from @TelenorPakistan

The concept of this campaign  #TweetAMeal stands on engaging the online community with Tweet A Meal to bring about good from instinctive behaviors of our digital savvy community. The instinctive behavior of sharing pictures of their meals. The fact that whenever we head out to eat and take photos of our food and share them, so why not share them for a good cause.

Everytime you tweet a photo of your meal with this hashtag #TweetAMeal, Telenor PK will donate a meal to those who need it.

I have been documenting my sehris, iftaris, and other meals. It's time we all do it together. Let's be a part of this campaign that's only bringing free kindness in our world.

Have you tweeted a meal yet?
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A Fictional Character Inspired My Style

There's something so magnificent about owning a signature style. It's like a piece of you so recognizable that whenever or wherever it's exhibited, everyone would know where it belongs; to you.
I guess it takes a whole lot time before one figures out what they really what to pick as a signature style since I had been struggling to have mine sorted. Then came to the rescue, my favorite fictional character: Blair Waldorf
It's really not a secret how I'm obsessed with this Gossip Girl character. With so many get over it and you need a new fandom, I'm still there. Not stuck, just deliberately clinging to a character of a show that ended before my high school did. What makes Blair a timeless character for me are the similarities between us; goal diggers, never stopping, feeling sorry without self-esteem crisis and yada yada yada. Blair would always look composed; never overdressed or poorly put-together outfit. Even when there was no time for putting together an outfit, she would just get it right.
I thought I could do the same. It's a lot like Karachi meets New York because there's no such thing as a Pakistani dress in Gossip Girl nor traditional Pakistani fashion approves of Queen B's attire. But we had to make it work somewhere; it happened anyways. With vibes of Blair, statement pieces, irregular shades, and some personalization, I'm slowly moving to my signature style.
So when I dress, I know I can't overdo it. Blair-ness meets minimalism and they both meet traditions and thus it becomes an outfit for me. Always preppy but never crappy. I'm sure Blair Waldorf would approve.

Has a fictional character inspired your style in some ways?

PS: catch up with my latest vlog on the channel // TALKING AIMLESSLY ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA
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From My Writing Journal

I remember the time when my words didn't make any sense. I would write them down on the back of my notebook just to laugh at them and bury that page somewhere I wouldn't be able to find again. It was a long time ago. I like to decorate them in fancy notebooks and journals now.
My art journal's nearly full & I was freaking out. So I went ahead and ordered a new one. Hashtag I can't live without stationery. When my order arrived, except for the necessary squealing and thankful sighs, I swiftly wrote an entry down with a pencil to officially start it. Ofc it was another jumble of words but there are more things I penned down.
Entry # 1
All the sad things are either written about people or deaths or wars or heartbreaks. My kind of sad starts with an unfinished poem and ends on a pile of tear-stained crumbled papers. Maybe there's a reason why there isn't much sad stuff written about those who write; perhaps their pens cannot depict their own miseries — Out Of A Writer's Misery

Entry # 2
I figured out there were only two types of people in the world. Group Nothing and Group Something. Group Nothing's life consisted of so many nothings; saying nothing, doing nothing remarkable, just breathing till the last breath came. But Group Something were the world shakers; they were always doing something, saying something that made a difference, proving all of us that to belong to Group Something, you'd have to be restless and hard working.

And since then, I question myself everyday; where do I belong? — Group Something VS Group Nothing
Entry # 3
I could never wrap my head around the idea of love. For some, it was a person, a cheery memory, a reason to move forward. But for some, it was a distant memory, a drought, a long forgotten incident. I asked my mother how should I know what love truly is; and she told me:
Love will never be a person. It will be the respect in your eyes and care in your heart. It will also be the worry in your mind and pain in your head. It will come in all your passions, sounds of the laughter of your friends and glimmer of all the things you care about. Don't cage it around the idea of a person; this is the only way it would hurt — The Idea Of Love

3 down, 3248254 more to come (yassss!). I post all the new entries on Instagram too so be sure follow me there tooooooooOooooooooOooooo

Do you keep a journal?
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