Sunday, 23 November 2014

Two Days Of Being Starstruck

On a very peaceful, normal and busy Wednesday , I entered my college building and walked over to my faculty. On my way, the huge view of college could be seen. When I passed auditorium, there was a television show van at the back door of auditorium. And that show belonged to Pakistan's leading tv channel, Samaa.
"Is there going to be a show or something?" I thought. I had seen previous shows from same channel being recorded in different colleges but since I had 0% interest in morning shows, I just let it go. But now when I could see their van in MY college, all occupied with wires and tiny satellite placed on it, I was excited to see what might happen.

I am a college executive, so when assembly was about to start, I went to stand at stairs where all executives stand at assembly time. But there were some other women in assembly, rushing around and wanted us to get into auditorium as soon as possible. Because we were actually having that show recorded in college, with all of us. Again , OHMYGOSH.
Long story short, we were all seated in auditorium and show went on. Like those live , hectic morning shows we've always watched right behind our television screens.
I'm at the left-down-bottom. Right above the girl with red scarf. How....small. But I'll take it.
Photo by their official photographer.

Show name : Subah Saverey Samaa Ke Saath (it means morning with Samaa)
It was hosted by Sahir Lodhi , guest appearances include Zubaida Tariq, Kiran , a Chef and a stylist.
There were songs, competitions, gifts and whatever I can't name. Though all of it wasn't something my type, still it was exciting. Cameras, lights and boom bash bang. I was cursing the time when I decided to leave my iPod home. I don't even have a single original photo from event. Still, none knew what was going to happen.
After show ended, I could only get two autographs and no photograph which is worse. I now keep an autograph diary with me because my college is seriously a place to get starstruck any time. Counting from the start, a national player, a government official, an Olympic player and an international team, so many events every other day  and now a whole crew of entertainers. I should be legally appointed a camera, in my defense.

Before leaving college, I was already invited into another episode of same show. My sport department had this invitation to attend it the very next day and obviously, I needed to be there. SO I was going to be there. Huzzahhuzzah!
Khair, I got back home and there was a huge news waiting for me. Huge, I mean HUGE. Just because the following day had already been excited and cheery enough, life was going to pull some strings out of my happiness cloak. My iPod, which is clearly an essential part of my life, was not in my room anymore. It was stolen.
This news hit me like a lightening bolt. "What do you mean it's not here? I put it on table. As always. Where could it possible go? Nobody uses it except of me. Charger is still here. WHERE IS MY PODI-PODI?" I asked Areeba and Amma jaan who came for a quick condolence. But of course they didn't have an answer. None had it. The only outsider came into my room was our maid and she refused. Woah, why would she even say yes? My family was possibly the softest to interrogate. If I were there, I could just take it out of anywhere on earth. Since it was out of connection, I couldn't even track it on iCloud.

I was hysterical throughout the day. It had surely been a fun day but my iPod was stolen RIGHT OFF my room and I was pretty sad (and exhausted) about it. I also had to be prepared for coming event very next day. "ah , it would have been perfect except of this robbery." I let my hard thoughts go and went to sleep way earlier because my face looked like a mess , swelled and runny with constant crying and tension. (okay, I really cried for two days)

We set out for the other show at 7:45 in morning. A show meant NO UNIFORM. I took Galaxy tab with me , missing iPod and refusing camera. Knowing the fact Galaxy's has a terrible camera. Still. Stubborn.
Samaa's office was in Old City (Karachi). Where half buildings were dated 1879 or something. I love that part of city. But it's so crowdy and messy that you can't really go there. Unless necessary. Oh how I wish I had photos , that I didn't take from tab, in complete dismay.
(though Amma Jaan had strictly asked me to stay like a cheery kid all the time. Little did she know)
Elevators took us to 15th floor. Whoops, I usually dislike heights but in a skyscraper, it doesn't really matter. Or it does. I was so busy to realize.
Before show started, their team showed us around their set and stuff. Cameras, lights, artists, screens. What was something I couldn't see there?
Show taken by me #finally

The topic of the show was on really sensitive social issue. Everyone was so focused throughout the show. It seemed unreal to be on an actual set and see how things really happen behind the screen. Woah!
After the show ended, Sahir Lodhi came and we all had a group photo together. Moreover, when we were out to leave, I asked him if I could have a selfie with him.
my swelled face. oh no!

I learned quite a lot in those two days :
-don't ever leave your gadget alone in your room. Never. Ever.
- keep something in your pocket that's able to take photos if you've got a popular college like mine unless you'll end up regretting every single second of your existence (maybe a little less)
- don't cry your eyes out if you've a nation-wide show to attend. Your swelled face and eyes will look horrible.

My iPod is still missing, because our maid (who is an ex-maid now) swore hard and she's never going to give it back. Nor my parents are willing to inform or indulge police. So I take another note on "how to be a good parent 101" and it now includes "report in police no matter who's the culprit. If they made your kiddo sad, they deserve a treat from police." notes, made! Albeit I will get a new iPod soon. Until then, I will be missing podi-podi :(

Have you ever been starstruck? Or attended a live show? 
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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Favorite Apps (iOS)

There are two most important things in my life : food and my iPod.
If I am exaggerating, it could be verified by Amma Jaan (mom). I've an iPod Touch 5 which is , in short, the best gadget ever and my photos, notes, writings, contacts , texts , food, books stay in it. Huzzahhh!
I can be pretty greedy about storage so instead of having so many useless apps on podi-podi (yeah this thing has a name and I have been breaking records of giving everyone ugly public nickies since forever) , my apps collection is tiny and SUPER selective.

Me: I need to have a new photo college app.
*searches app store*
*finds 100 good apps*
*chooses four of them and download*
*checks each of them and choose the best one*
It's hard.
Today, I am sharing some of my favorite apps of all-time. They're amaze-balls and I can't really picture my existence without them. Okay it might be a little over-said but who doesn't over say things when it's about tech stuff they're not specified about? gahhh! Excluding the social media apps like Facebook , Instagram because c'mon, we know they're essentials.

// VSCO cam
It's my favorite photo editing app so far. The filters, the functions, the layout and design. Everything from VSCO is amazing.

// Retrica
Being a self-claimed selfie pro makes me wanna love this app. Though Areeba kind of dislikes this app. Dang! Retrica has so many cool live filters and colleges. I think it's safe to say that it's my in my 101 favorite things.

// Kik
Basically Kik is a messenger. But a convenient one. iPod doesn't have a cellular system so you've to rely on wi-fi and iOS based messengers like iMessage. Kik is for both Android and iOS so it's easier to connect with friends who are droids.

// Podcasts
I LOVE podcasts. When I downloaded this app, it wasn't a built-in app. But after iOS8, it is. They've so many programs to listen. BBC, Radio and many others.

// Hyperlapse
It's a video app for making time lapse videos. It's such a pro thing. I have made a few time-lapse videos but never published them. It's a little hard business but who knows , someday I may rise.

// Viewster
My good ole destination for online movies and shows. They don't have so many movies available but still, they're better than other spam ones.

// iBooks
Being a trendy nerd, books are BAE. Or a little less. iBooks is a basic reader which came built in with iOS8 as well. Their book-like layout, flipping pages feature is an exciting experience while reading a book on iPod. I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice. Victory sign.

What are some of your favorite apps?
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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dream Big Because You Can

I was dragging my nearly-jammed-maybe-broken-IDK leg, all regards to my previous accident, all the way today. 'Cause my bed rest finally came to an end which is pretty exciting because laying all day in bed isn't something really exciting. Nothing at all, to be exact.
My little cousin , who is apparently the cutest person on earth , was talking to me about grown up stuff like careers (see also: crap) and I had no simple definitions to tell her. I am only 17 okay. But really, I felt kind of helpless because :
1) she's so cute
2) she wanted to be a pilot or doctor that is so out of my way
3) I couldn't define her "big girls" stuff

When she asked me about my career goals, I simply replied : "I want to be an account or finance specialist. Maybe." now I needed to explain what the heck are those.
Then I asked HER what she wanted to be when she grown up and begged to choose something humanly possible like a good student. Pfft.
She chose other options and guess what...!!! She was going to be a princess. A PRINCESS.
I wondered when this world is so dramatically advanced and everyone wants to be a high-tech kind of person, she's completely being a 4 years old , that she obviously is.
SO putting on the cloak of a wise-old big cousin, I asked her to explain why and how she was going to be a princess. Tit for tat. I meant it.
She just laughed and said , "you can be anything you want to. Just think about it. And don't worry. You will be a princess too. What should I name you then?" (Princess of pasta , I won't mind?)

We just laughed it off and came back to ole world but her phrase got stuck in my head. How come it's all easy to dream of? If I were her, I would think about those shinny armors, those wicked witches and every possible problem before dreaming to be a princess. You'd say it's her 4 years old brain to set everything that way. But perhaps it's the stage where you kill your vibes and make it afraid of some impossibilities which THEN turn to possibilities when you believe. Perhaps we all could be princess in shiny gowns and fancy heels if we could just dream it. Or me, I would just because the accountant (or owner) of a huge multinational company if I'd set a firm dream of achieving it no matter what the circumstances are. Maybe it's all in the head where you set it? Maybe you could get it?

It just blew my mind. It was a much needed answer I had been trying to get since I had some difficulties to overcome. We all have one of those days. Don't we?
The moral of this conversations is twisted into dreaming big. BUT, dreaming big and daydreaming are certainly two different things. Dream it, plan it & achieve it. There's never going to be a short cut in this equation.
For now, I am going to dream about having a fun festival in college which is nowhere to be held soon but....if you can dream it, you can get it. Umm.

Is there anything that inspired you lately?
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Monday, 10 November 2014

Giveaway - Win Necklace / ring / cards and more

It has been a while since I hosted a giveaway and I am pretty guilty about it. Giveaways are my so favorite. It feels like a cute give-back to loyal readers. I don't know why but whenever I say or hear word cute, I want to say aww. So..AWW!

Today, I've a little special giveaway for y'all. It was supposed to go online in October because apparently, it was planned in October but ding dang, it couldn't happen.
Me , along with my blog sponsors , present you a giveaway , filled with some awesome stuff.
Noor from Noor's Place // Kirstie from the Semler Life

I'm giving away a necklace.
Necklace will be directly shipped from third-party website to winner.

Kirstie is giving away 50 customized Christmas cards. From her pixingo creativity.
Just in time for christmas , this is the perfect opportunity. Hurrayz!

Who's excited to know her more?

Hey there! I'm Kirstie and I write on over at The Semler Life! I am a mamma to a baby girl, a navy wife, full time student aspiring to be an author and a teacher! We are currently moving from one adventure to the next. Home is where the Navy sends us! We are temporarily in Sunny California while my husband is on deployment. It can't end soon enough! Though from the West Coast, East Coast is where it's at. I am a lover of God, baking, beaches, writing, southern drawls, country music and my family! I'd love for you to follow along as we figure out the ropes of military life!

Katie is giving away a Social Saturday sponsor spot valued at $25 , at her blog.
Prize overview: Social Saturday includes a 30 day sidebar ad and an interview style Social Saturday post. Social Saturday is a weekly linkup to meet new bloggers. This sponsorship also includes a list of 10 personal-to-you recommendations to improve your blog and a YEAR long membership to the private Winnderful Bloggers Facebook. The group provides blogging resources, challenges to improve your blog, and a community of other bloggers working to improve their blogs.
P.S. It also includes social media and blog love!

Areeba is giving away a ring.
Ring will be directly shipped from third-party website to winner.

Enter away, may odds be in your favor. Aye.

Non-blogger winner : Ashley
Blogger winner : Sadaf from Chef In Frame blog
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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Through The Lens : OCTOBER

How fast October went!!! It's November already. 2015 will be here in no time. And I should stop sounding like a newscaster .
I was going well with college , studies and stuff. JUST then , it all stopped with an accident. My accident, actually. I got hit a little badly and ever since, I am resting on bed. Thinking about Business Math's missed classes and dreaming about packing bags to Paris. One of them is, of course , irrelevant. I am also waiting to get all healed, which is going to take a little long as 2 more days maybe , until then, I should do a happy dappy round up of my silly October. With some pretty photos.

College is LAHVE, Love, I mean.
I have never been more busier. Wake up, study, eat , plan , schedule and sleep. I don't even mind.
ENG: Fatima Jinnah Auditorium 

My favorite part of college is to be at auditorium. Where all functions happen. Ding dang. In past weeks, they had a Kashmir Unity Day, A officials party, a seniors party , us freshmen orientation and a National player Sana Mir visit,

I wonder why every time I have to collide with a subject which stinks and becomes my mega-disliked subject? This time, it's Economics. For most people, it makes sense. In fact, it happens to be Amma Jaan's (mom) favorite subject of all time. "Economics is a darlin' ", claimed by her.
I don't like it. It's too dry. For a person like me. With a lot of history included, it's really dry subject.

Eid selfie. Me (left) , Phuppo, Areeba (right)

Eid is gone. But I still can't get over the joy of it (and gosht. Okay)
Though past Eid was never my favorite occasion. I preferred Eid Ul Fitr (or Eidi wali Eid to be honest) but all those family parties and growing up helped learning me more.

I am not complaining about weather anymore. It's been pleasant. LIKE SERIOUSLY.
Normally, weather everywhere turns cold around October and by November it's legitimately chilled. Cool.
In Karachi, it's hot for JUNEJULYAUGUSTSEPTEMBEROCTOBERNOVE..... not in November.I can feel the chilled breeze on my face, Yay! Winter is on its way. Hopefully. Oh and the photo above reminds me that we actually (nearly) survived a cyclone.

// No matter wherever I am. I can challenge my inner selfie goddess.
This time, a college selfie.

I happen to have a friend named Areeba (the girl above). Isn't it funny how my college friend has same name as my twinner? Like seriously, life's unreal sometimes.
Life as a college executive is more fun than I anticipated. You're always in first rows, always looking for events, always organizing things, always managing , always LEARNING and always surrounded by best of the peeps. I think it's safe to say , you're lucky if you're at this seat :)

I hope you all had a great October as well. What were your highlights of the month?

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