Monday, 3 March 2014

Let The Time , Begin!

Hello's and hi's from this , half well and half cough-cough face . Oh no , not another "I'm sick , oh I am sick" post. It must be an honest and quite confessing one.
Last night , I slept at 4 am night . Not because I had been coughing (that I had) , just because I had an exam of Physics next morning . Being the senior of high school is great , the 11 years of grand work are finally setting the sails. I will be in college soon , but hey . I've got to pass the exams at the first hand , right? To be honest , my studies hours pretty much cut to 2/3 hours which would never be enough in a lifetime. Especially when it's about the last exam of your school life. I decided to unplug myself and put my head in books for a while. A month , dedicated to my good ol books.
If you ask a teenager what is it like to unplug and live a life with books , even for few days , what will be the reaction?
"It will be the death of me. How can you even ask so?"

That teenager might be me. Opps.

But probably , I won't behave like that anymore. The 10 years behind me have been glorious and the treasure of my whole life success. A good student's life . My life.

I'm going to finish all my blogging work , Facebook updates and designing work for a while. My exams are starting from 2 April and would end in mid of April. I will be using Twitter so hiiii , join me there if you want. All of Noor's Place sponsors have been informed about it and they've been so pleasant to work again in next months. I would need each and everyone's blessing for the biggest academic milestone of my life. Let the time , begin!!!
Now , a good ol' weekend update . Just because I have been super social in the past week , my family-ish weeks are the best.
1- My sick-face selfie . Though mom thought I should make it my facebook profile photo , I suggested why don't we just frame it and hang on the front wall? Nope.

2- Hard to confess , I am back to a-cup-milk-a-night formula. Maybe when you throw up everything at night , milk works better than the rest.

3- PIZZA TIME! I have been addicted to fajita pizza and you would probably find one each week on my Instagram every week. Maybe not always , I always make lame promises.

4- My little adorable cousin , Eishaal . Adorabeebubu!!! I love her and when we hang out , we're the coolest. You all probably remember her as real life princess.

Have a great Monday . If only you're in Monday hate league , just wait for Tuesday to arrive . Peace. 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

I Can be Annoying

It is never a pleasant experience to have a flu attack back , with a boost. This is my story , I woke up in the morning with my noisy alarm but couldn't step out of bad because it was so darn hard to drag my body. Hi , flu! I managed to go to school anyways , there I almost lost my voice . Have you ever experienced how worse losing voice is? You try hard to speak and it turns into squeak . My case.

Everything has been annoying for me and I have been (quite) annoying for everything. Maybe it's because I have lost my taste buds for a while now and the only thing that taste better is my toothpaste. That I might not eat (or I might , just depends upon the brushing skills of mine)

I could count stuff on my finger that might be annoying for others on my behalf. I am slightly NOT proud of it but certainly , I wouldn't make an effort to change it either. My mom calls it as a "Rotten Kid Term"

I'd crop anyone out of my picture if I look better in that one

This one maybe a recent and blurry one , I get that. But I would never ever leave a picture of two of us without cropping if I look rather pretty. It's not always the case though. I like being overprotective.

I would take pictures that mom doesn't appreciate
Once , I wanted to be a photographer. That one who has a big fancy camera and works of vogue or something. My own house would be a piece of art and yada yada yada. Honestly , it never turned out that way. You may be cautious of public while taking selfies or food shots but I am cautious of mom. She doesn't get my lame excuse for capturing a street light on a very street. I keep doing anyways.

If you're hanging out with me , I will control the music
I have a very picky choice in music. I can't stand a sad , crying type of song in a party. It does make sense as you can't rather throwing confetti under a crying song? I would be unconscious if that happens. My parties are always so loud , with crazy music. 

You may not find it all annoying , exactly. But I do . Annoyance is seriously various for everyone. Duh!

Do you have some annoying quirks?

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linking up with Nicole

I've a very special blogger to introduce on blog today , it's Megan from The Artistic Brunette . Her blog is all about empowering other young peeps. She's a college senior and travel enthusiastic. You should check her out.
1- If you could describe your life in a paragraph , how would it be?
Hello, it’s Megan over at The Artistic Brunette.  I am a 20-Something exploring the world one step at a time.  I love all things beautiful, musical and classy. These days you can find me in one of those snazzy little coffee shops reading your blogs, listening to my favorite indie music, planning out my next adventure and of course doing homework – life of a college student.  Visit The Artistic Brunette to learn more about amazing places to get a bite to eat, countries and places to explore, my latest life endeavors and tips on navigating a career as a 20Something.  I would love to have you over.  Come join the music!

2- If you could hang out with any celebrity , who would he/she be?
I would have to go for Buster Posey.  Yes, he is a pitcher on the Giants baseball team. Super hot with a Southern accent.

3- What's the most important thing you learned from blogging?
Blogging is work!  But I like it. It gives us a chance to be creative, express ourselves and meet new people.

4- A tip you might want to give to bloggers?
A tip.  Take the opportunity.  Opportunities present themselves to us everyday.  We just have to have the courage to pursue them!

Posts to read from Megan :
20 Things To Do in Your 20s
Turn Your Passion Into a Profession

Find her on : Blog / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Grab A Friend Blog Hop #38

Grab a Friend

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Q: If you could travel to any place around globe right now , where and WHY would you go?

Jenn : 
I've had an obsession with the thought of traveling through South America since my Junior Year of College. I took a Latin American Architecture and Art History Course and felt like I was living through all of my professors stories. I would love the idea of being able to backpack through trails in the mountains in Peru, visit fresh markets in Brazil, and soak up the sun on the coast of Argentina. I also have to check out Panama, one of my Grandfather's favorite places and where he lived for years before moving to the United States. I'll just take a sketchbook and trek around documenting all the beautiful things I see and people I meet. 


If it's about right now, I'd love to travel to Turkey. I'm obsessed to a Turkish drama series and I seriously want to meet some of those drama actors and see the places they're showing in the drama seriel.

I would travel to Australia. When I was 19, my brother, his wife and two children moved to Australia. They've not been back to England since and I've not been to visit them! My parents have travelled there 3 times but I've never been able to join them due to money, studies and work. They go for 6 weeks at a time and I could never afford to take that much time out! It's been almost 9 years since they moved, they have has two additional children in Australia that I'm dying to meet! I have 3 older brothers and the one that moved to Oz was the one I was closest to, I would baby sit my niece and nephew and they would stay at our house all the time. Now we only communicate though Facebook and Instagram, with the occasional Facetime chat when I'm at my parents house.

If I could go anywhere RIGHT NOW, I would pick somewhere tropical like Antigua! It seems so relaxing and warm and I'm feeling beach-y. (California has cold beach waters). Plus, I would be spoiled since we are going to Europe in 2 months!!


I'd like to travel to Australia right now because I need a grand vacation on beaches . Also , I'm craving summer so badly. So a quick Aussie holiday would be my fix.

Your turn to answer! You can either leave a comment or tweet us . You choose #DoItDoIt

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Linking up with Karly Kim

Sunday, 23 February 2014

She Once Cared , Then She Laughed Over It

I'm shocking myself with this vibrant , my so favourite and SO-NOOR-MADE quote . It pretty much sums what I have in my head , currently. There wouldn't be much you can expect from a fever-affected 16 year's old brain. Which is pretty young to many people , and pretty useless to me. Gah! You can never be happy with what you have .

Life has lots of curves , scenes (happy or sad . Put everything) and at the end , it's the life. I used to worry a lot , even if I got 9.5 marks out of 10. Which wasn't a great strategy at all in student life. But I won't blame my student mode , activated in 8th grade. But apart it , my second thought would always be :
"My test has turned wrong. I AM DYING"
Well , I never died on a wrong test. Nobody dies like that. We just learn from mistakes . Like in tests , so I would learn better for exams. When I wondered , the same thing works in life.

Lame student life examples , I have some better. My worrying problem has BEEN a problem. There something turned wrong or didn't go well , here I was , dying because I was worried. Time after time , or mom's scold after scold (in a real awesome way) , I realized things aren't AS much serious as we take it. Maybe , it all settles down in the end. Like a happy end of a film. So I don't worry much , in case I don't worry at all. There are far more people to care about shiz than YOU need to #lessonlearned

I am probably in SO much high spirits as I have finally got rid of that annoying fever + flu that kept of me half dead and zombie looking for a whole freaking week. I am finally able to see clearly without spectacles through my laptop screen. Hiiiiiii , blog! Thanks to all the wishes and lovely prayers , I am all up from it. Thank you guys :)

Let me share the most repeated song that happened to be blasting in my ear phones while I rested , all the way in sickness.
So what's up everyone? Congrats Canada for winning gold medal over Sweden in Men's Hockey (Sochi Olympics)
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Thursday, 20 February 2014

I Had Some Sickness Dreams

Boom , has sun started shining again? I can't go and peek through curtains , why? BECAUSE I CAN'T.
Right after we were done with an awesome event , there seemed a viral infection around. That hit the kiddos of house first , then Areeba and finally , I got it.
To be honest , I hadn't been sick in a great while. Maybe slight flu came over but nah , that doesn't count on a proper sickness. This time , I had 103 temperate and I thought I was dying. I would make it clear further , that why I thought so.

On Monday night , I felt great. But in Tuesday morning , it felt like my room's air conditioner was blasting on high (to be noted , I didn't even turn it on in this crazy winter) meant I had lost body temperature.
Yada yada yada , I went to school and DOOM , I was dizzying there. My class fellow managed to keep me busy while at the very end , we had to give Mathematical theorem's test . I clearly remember I had learned that test , but it just got crazy with pen and paper. My class fellow whispered :
"Noor . Hey listen."
"Hi , how's your test?"
"Girl , you're doing the wrong theorem. It's #5th , not #4th."

I completely lost myself after doing a such mumbo jumbo. I proceed the right one immediately. Not to mention , it was a horrible time. After I left for home , I fell asleep in school van but suddenly , I woke up with a weird dream. Surely , can't call it a nightmare because it wasn't night. Do daymare even exist? I had that.
I got home , half dead. My mom thought I looked like a solider of a zombie army , she might be true. I didn't look at mirror , terrible. After changing uniform , I got to sleep and woke up again with a HORRIBLE dream. They couldn't be called horrible , they were just.....weird.

I saw that I'm wandering around in Slumdog Millionaire scenes (maybe I got a lot obsessed with that movie) and Dev Patel shows up. But he looked ugly , I mean he's an actor.I could feel wrong vibes , maybe that was someone else. There were maybe's and yeah's but I shrieked (in dream) and ran away. Just to make sure Dev Patel isn't ugly and that's JUST a part of a BAAAAD dream.

I'm definitely wrong. He's the prove that I'm wrong. Wink it away , Noor.

After I survived the dream and googled him right away. There was no such crap as my dream. I was so thankful to god , with a quite bitter mouth. Literally , fever give you "that" bitter mouth and a white tongue.
After falling asleep again , I wished I wouldn't be awaken from a stupid dream. Boy , was I wrong.

The weird dream #2 was totally inspired by reality . I saw I was in Maths class , messing up the Theorems and I couldn't change it. The more I tilt the pen , the more unknown things appeared on paper. Like song lyrics and the rest of stuff I would never ever write on my Maths sheet.

After that strange interaction with my dreams , I went to hospital and got back with a tons of medicines and a finger , which was soaring with an injection tip. The most wrong thing I did after that , was to have The Fault In Our Stars up on my tablet . I re-read it all over again. Crying like Kim Kardashian (maybe better) and reading it till midnight . Goddam , I couldn't put it down. I love that book to pieces but in this situation , I couldn't decide whether I needed to laugh , or sneeze , or cry. Moreover , the book character Hazel made me think if Fever was a side effect of dying and I would be dying soon. Gladly , I haven't.

Sorry for the absence of Grab a friend , hopefully we'll have it up this week. It couldn't happen because both me and Aree are sick , that makes a good excuse.

Have you suffered sickness dreams? Were they as weird as mine?

Linking up with Nicole

I'm so dang happy to have Jen from Boone + Owl on my blog today. This pretty girl has an awesome fashion sense (can tell by the photo below , right?) and does great DIYs .

1- If you could describe your life, how would it be?
If I had to describe my life.. Oh brother. Hectic, Crazy, Eventful! There’s always something going on. I like life that way. It makes things more interesting. If I’m not throwing myself from a Thoroughbred or breaking my finger with milk cartons, I’m writing science papers or standing in the middle of the street taking pictures for the blog. Which garners some interesting looks. But hey, it’s the blog life.

2-If you could hangout with any celebrity, who would he or she be?
This is easy. Tom Hiddleston. The man is witty and intelligent. I personally find that to be a huge draw. Plus, he plays the god of mischief in Thor, and who does’t love a little mischief.

3-What’s the most important thing you learned from blogging?
Be yourself! I think we feel pressure sometimes to speak a certain way and present ourselves as really interesting people that you should wanted to know, even if we don’t feel like we are. But really, it’s far better to just be yourself. Write the way you speak when you’re with your friends, design things in a way that reflects your personality. There shouldn’t be any pressure to fit within a certain mold. You are who you are, and that’s enough.

4-A tip you might want to give to bloggers?
Be bold. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. It can be a little scary sometimes, but it’s so worth it. Blog with confidence!

Check out Jen on her Blog + Bloglovin' + Facebook + Twitter