Saturday, 30 August 2014

Hey Mornin'

Ever since school was finished , my morning walks ended as gloriously as my alarm lost its rule over my long , long sleeps (muahahaha). The more I tried , in past days , to wake up drastically at 6 am and go out for a morning walk , it just didn't happen.
Morning walks are mainly good. Walking around in fresh , too fresh actually , air that isn't contaminated with lots of smokes or vehicle wastage. I wonder , what if someday all of the smoke is turned into glitter and cars start to emit sparkles instead of all smoke shiz that's pretty killing for almost every existent in this whole wide world? Then again , I am reminded that we live in a rock-ing world which is far faaaar away from this kind of non-realistic imagination. Ops.

One day , where I had to break a commitment with my slumber , took me to a morning walk that appeared to be in fields!!!! Being at fields in earlier in morning is a teeny tiny joy itself (I just realized that). Areeba and I had been planning to go out for some natural photography but afternoons were too hot. Nights were too dark. Evenings were too jolly but mornings ,eh? They were the best part of the day.

Following the plan , we set out in morning. The view was ... extra green. Haha! I am usually not a keen observer so it seemed pretty new.

Long lesson short , it's healthy if you go out for a walk in morning. Those who run in morning , dayyuuumm kudos to you guys. You may also end up to some photogenic places that are harder to find otherwise *insert a wide smiling emoji*
I have an idea that my huge smile looks like the wide grinning emoji in this photo so it will work :D
Are you a morning walk person? How do you see nature?

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Wedding Week

Weddings have always been my favorite events. Without any reason. Actually , they don't really need a reason, they're cheery in every possible aspect. Two lives connecting to be one , a lot of events , food , fun , gatherings , emotions. What is it that's not in a wedding?
My Khala (aunt) and Mamuu (uncle) got married to their significant others. The mid of August was all hectic and busy for me.Wedding events started from 1st week of August and are still going on. Pakistani weddings are just so vivid and cultural that you don't even want to escape. Even after being so tired (yeah! ask me.)

Pakistani weddings are divided into three main events.
1. Mehndi / Mayuun / Rasm-e-Henna (they're called by different names)
2.Wedding day that's also called Rukhsati or simply Nikah ceremony
3. Valima / Reception

Mehndi is my personal favorite event , that's where you get to sing and meet everyone. Bride needs to be at stage so everyone can go and give her sweets and gifts. It's the same with the groom.
Our mehndi event went by so fast. So many guests were there , a lot of rituals needed to be done. Me and Areeba were big kids of the family so the greeting thing was on us.

Next day , it was the independence day of Pakistan. We were enjoying the fact that Harris Mamuu's barat was due on 14th of August? C'mon , could he be more patriotic? *giggles added*
Wedding Outfit for 14th August

After a day , the glorious wedding day arrived. I had been waiting for this day for like...ages? Hiba Khala is my favorite aunt and I had plans for her wedding even as a kid. Luckily , her wedding day fell on our birthday (Areeba and I's), the ultra-great 16th of August. To mark our sweet 17th and her wedding.

Hiba Khala , she looked gorgeous. Probably more than that , I just don't have the perfect words to tell you how she looked. Us Pakistanis have a superstitious belief that a girls looks 100x prettier as a bride , I don't disagree with it anymore :)

The purrrrrfect shot .
The main events ended on reception. Receptions are so jolly , if you ask me. You'd seen the mehndi fun , the nikah's emotion and finally , reception comes like a festive where everyone would be gathered to enjoy.
With my grandma (maternal) . This creative lady has been my inspiration and a guide and everything. She was taking care of events and I was like "woaaaah , how do you even manage to remember everything?" She smiled and said ," You'll just learn that when you want to do it."

So , the weddings I had always wanted to attend are just gone. I am typing this post up after a break of a whole week , mourning over a lost charging cord of my ipod that just seems to be vanished away from this world. A mix of good and bad happens , we're always going to get along. You know what I just realized? For a good life , you only need to be breathing. It sounds legit , haha!!!
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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Numbers Are Beautiful

Today's my birthday. YAS this girl just turned 17 today. But this 16th of August is ultra-special , my most favorite aunt (you may know her as Hibo on my blog) is getting married. Yay!
I will be dressing up and leaving for the occasion anytime sooner. Areeba is sleeping , she has been so so sleepy these days. Surely , Amma Jaan (mom) is not happy about it (hah!) so while she's away , Areeba has freedom to procrastinate as much as she can. I have been spinning like a teetotum for wedding arrangements , I have wonderful Iva on blog today. No-brainer , her blog is always so informative and leaves me hanging with so much useful knowledge (that I would be, IN NO WAY, reading in books or wheresoever)
She knows this chica (pat on my back) is crazy for math so she has amazing (math-ish) post for all of us.
Hello all Noor's Place readers and Happy Friday to all!
Welcome new visitors - my blogging alias is AwesomelyOZ (Over-Zealous) and I go by Iva. I blog at Yes I’m Crazy, That’s Why I’m Awesome and I will have been blogging for one year come September. I write weekly articles on society, life, and science but it will always vary depending on my level of interest. It is no secret that Noor LOVES math and is going to be one bad arse accountant. So in honor of her love for math, let’s talk about NUMBERS!
Plus, funny too. These are all examples of the Fibonacci Sequence. And it is just about everywhere. Here is the first few numbers in the sequence:
fibnumbersSo in honor of the first beginning numbers, here are: 0, 1, 1 things about the Fibonacci Sequence:
  1. The next number in the sequence is calculated by the sum of the previous two numbers. So 0+1 = 1, 1+1 = 2, 1+2 = 3, and so forth and so forth.
  2. It was named after Fibonacci, whose real name is Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, an impressive Italian mathematician. He is best known to the modern world for spreading Hindu-Arabic numeral system to Europe; basically the math we use today.
  3. It appears in nature often - the numbers in a flower petal and spirals on the sunflower tend to be fibonacci numbers as well.
  4. A spiral is made by using the widths of squares made using the numbers in the sequence.
  5. The Golden Ratio is 1.618033.. which represents an irrational number with an infinite number of decimal places and it never repeats itself.
  6. The bigger the pair of Fibonacci numbers, the closer to the Golden Ratio
  7. Patterns that emerge: every 3rd number is a multiple of 2, every 4th number is a multiple of 3, every 5th number if a multiple of 5, and many more..
  8. Musical frequencies are based on Fibonacci ratios.
  9. In the DaVinci Code film, the code used to unlock the safe are fibonacci numbers.
  10. Fibonacci and Phi (the Golden Ratio) are used in the design of violins and high quality speaker wire.
  11. The Bee ancestry code: A male bee always has one parent, and a female bee has two. So for any male bee (1 bee), he has 1 parent (1 bee), 2 grandparents, 3 great-grandparents, 5 great-great grandparents, and so on.
Hopefully, I didn't bore anyone out there. I figured a nice mathematical discourse was appropriate since math seems to make Noor giggle. Arthur Benjamin had a wonderful TedTalk in which he explained the beauty of the Fibonacci numbers, it is a less than 7 minute video so if you have the time take a listen. In it he explains that math is not just about calculation but application also, many times the most important one is overlooked: inspiration. And so, “mathematics is not just solving for ‘x’, but also figuring out ‘y’ (why).”
And with that everyone have a wonderful weekend! Stop by anytime for small doses of information and knowledge. Knowledge is power; so come by anytime and learn a thing or two.
What are your weekend plans? Were you familiar with the Fibonacci Sequence?
sigmonster   Source: 1, 2, 3

Wonderful? Go check her blog . Or follow her on Twitter for some additional informative posts. Ta-ta!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Days in French Life

The days, I had been waiting for, have arrived. Two family weddings are happening and I am trying to cherish every moment. My uncle got married yesterday and on 16th of Aug , my aunt will get married. How lucky days! This 16th of Aug will also mark my 17th birthday. Life's so good , people ;)
While I am busy as bee (yikes!) in wedding stuff , I have lovely Lala from Three Samosas blog. She's a fellow Pakistani living in France.
Bonjour to all the lovely reader of the Noor's Place. I am delighted to be  doing a guest post for her. A little about me, well, I along with my dear friend Zoya, run our own little space on the inter-webs where we write about everything that makes up our lives, be it professional life, dreams, reality, fashion, entertainment and even our deep thoughtful moods.
I am a Pakistani who lives in Bordeaux, France. My routine in Pakistan was all about work, work and some more work. I used to be traveling all over the city to attend and cover media events for radio and God, how I loved doing that. And than the entire plot of Lala's life changed, for good. I found myself in France questioning my french grammar, french vocabulary and my ability to bear cold climates and untimely rains.
14 months later, today, I feel like a well placed character in this new scenario of life. I may not be working for radio today but nothing can keep me away from people, great conversations and learning all that comes along with the deal. A regular day for me in France, let's see:
1. Coffee: This is one genuine French habit I have picked up without even trying. I was a tea lover in Pakistan and coffee meant creamy cappuccinos back than. Here, however, coffee means pure black goodness.
One can see that the coffee maker is bearing it's spots as medals from working hard
As soon as I wake up, the first sound I wanna hear is the whistling of my Italian coffee maker telling me that my Coffee is ready. The first smell awakening my senses is that of fresh grounded coffee. My mornings are perfect with me,myself and my steaming hot mug of black coffee.

2. Groceries: Pakistani food is a catch worldwide and you are in for a good thing if you know how to cook well.
I go almost every day for groceries during the early hours of the day to get the best pick from the fresh lot. I also cook Pakistani food part time for friends (and even get paid for that) which requires me to also put aside some time to buy those kind of vegetables which I have never seen back in Pakistan. The idea is to try "desi-fying" them and so far, yours truly has come up with quite a few personal recipes with a french twist.
3. Gym: I brought this desire to stay fit and healthy with me from Pakistan to France. Back home, being in the limelight required me to stay fit. In here, staying fit has become rather just a regular commitment to self. When I feel fit, the limelight just always succeeds to find me, Ting!
For me, the most preferable time of the day to workout is before lunch. I normally eat a banana with a cup of coffee and then run to gym. On a good day, my workouts can last for as long as one and a half hour but then there are also days when I have to drag myself to the gym for at least 30 minutes of treadmill run. My motivation to run? My favorite bollywood songs.

4. Blog projects: I run a blog with my friend back in Pakistan and not only through it's means we stay connected but it also requires us to go out and about to find things worth writing about.
My late afternoons, especially on bright sunny days, are dedicated to city searching. I discover malls and local french brands, speak to them about their products and do the needful learning. Pleasantly enough, the blog has helped me a lot to ease up in the new city with the new people and even newer lifestyle practices.

5. Playtime: All work and no play..... is an idea that scares me. On a regular day, however not regularly enough, I fiddle with my Ukulele. I fancy the idea of learning musical instruments and of them all, Ukulele seemed simple and yet interesting. The reality, however, is different. Ukulele is simple but it needs time like anything worthwhile does. Something I am sharing with you in order subconsciously remind me to practice this on a more regular note.
6. Pixel - The jojo-gogo-bogo of my life: Meet Pixel, the reason of my wide fixed smile ever since he entered my home.
I believe in giving dedicated time to my pet. A pet is not a decoration item that can be left aside on its own or something that needs nothing but only constant availability of fresh water and food. I take out one hour every evening to do nothing else but play with him. It is such a relaxing time for me! On daily basis in evening, one can hear my loud giggles and laughter from right outside my apartment with randomly thrown cries of "Ouch!" and "Pixel, be nice!
Oh and he is a budding writer himself. Here is his first ever post: I am the pixel of Lala's life. 

7. My time: I am always on a run normally. Between cooking and doing trips around the city in search of blogging ideas while simultaneously studying for upcoming French exams and even showing up for job interviews, I remember to take care of myself on all levels.
Not regularly but as often as I can, I give myself time to do nothing! Yes, doing nothing is also an important thing to do. I put aside my phone, shut down my computer, make a cuppa cappuccino, put some zen music and relax. I call them "thought-less hours" because the idea is to not let random thoughts keep me mentally busy. If anything, I think about good things in life like a freshly baked cookie, a plate full of biryani, the possibilities of automatic refills of my cappuccino and the happiness I experience whenever I find a certain spice that never was available earlier at the local Asian store.

 8. TV Time: I am studying French full time and after all that, who wants to watch French TV anymore?
I am lucky to have full seasons of How I met your mother, the back up of Grey's anatomy and many other great series. I am not a TV person but normally I put any random DVD on re-run while I am doing my manicure or trying new make up styles. 9. Blogging: Late night for me is the best time to blog. My day is done, all that could have been done possibly is done, no worries, just me and my laptop and the golden words flowing out of my fingers, ting! 10. Affirmations: Oh, don't be surprised. I know I sounded very normal and sane till this point but affirmations is something that helps me stay that normal and sane.
I made it a point to practice this on regular basis. There is no indeed razzamatazz in few self affirmative phrases but rather a reminder of who I am and how I live. My affirmations remind me of how far I have come and how much more awaits me ahead. It's how I appreciate myself! Et voila, Obviously I have avoided mentioning the details of my breakfasts, lunches, teatime snacks and dinner menus and other totally time-wasting, staring in the air, day-dreaming pauses but hey, that is no secret. we all share that, now don't we? Thank you for living a day with me. I hope you enjoyed the read. Please, please and please do let me know about your days by commenting below. You may possibly have a very good practice in your life that I would like to adopt in my life. And let me know, if anything about my day made you consider making any new choices.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Teenage Choices

Everything changes by time , how true is that? I have heard it multiple times but when I practically went through it, I was kind of amazed. Last night , I was cleaning up my drawers , throwing out old stuff that doesn't really matter anymore , I found some old CDs and books.

Those CDs were bought back in 2011/2012 when I used to be a fancy teenager. Ops wait , I am still a teenager. But a little less wonderstruck these days. Music from Miley Cyrus , Justin Bieber , Selena Gomez and more.
I remember , when these records were out , I was so worried to get them , anyhow & anywhere. I looked for limited edition , deluxe edition etc. You see, how fangirling worked back then for me.
I also found a diary where I wrote most disturbing personal thoughts down. Well , they were philosophical once. Because whenever I got angry, I would pick up any note book or diary and wrote down everything that swirled around my mind. That way, my diary could make an appearance as "Silly thoughts of a 16-years-old" but gladly , it's not going to happen.

My music choices have been changed. I probably have some old tracks of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift in my ipod but clearly, my music taste grew up to Billboard top 100. My Hannah Montana books craze got replaced by Sidney Sheldon and most importantly , I just became a whole grown up person.

But , my good ol' teenage choices would always remind me who I was. How did I start becoming who I am and how time changed me. Time span for everything , is too short. Our lives are merely a few decades. My general idea for everything is (now was) is perfection. But no, I can't be perfect all the time. I can't be trendy or caught up , I can't be the BEST all the time. But I can be ME and this is the most important thing to be. I wish it could be one of my "old teenage choices". Silly.

If you look back , how would your teenage choices appear?
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