Saturday, 26 July 2014

How To Deal With Stress?

How to deal with stress?

Yesterday was the last Friday of Ramazan , Eid is expected as soon as 29 July. It's been so quick , I'll miss everything about it until next year.

I haven't been much active on my blog or social media. Not only because I've been fasting for Ramazan , I feel like I have been stressed for no particular reason at all. Speaking about stress is a biggy big stressed thing itself. But I'll give it a shot.
With my high school graduation in April , I have been moving here and there. To home , to grands , to Daadi (grandma)'s , I couldn't set myself to one place. My laptop had some errors , my tablet wasn't something I could use for operating my social media and blogs and I didn't want to use any other computer systems.
With a pressure of all things related to real life , with no place to let out creativity or ideas and a whole lot to do , I was feeling lost. I'd be texting my friends ALL day or some days would go silently like I didn't even know how to speak. I thought it was normal but in reality , it really wasn't.

How long could it go like that? I kept thinking to get my stuff together and start a "whole" new schedule , planning and making ideas. But I wasn't really accomplishing it. Then , I talked to my Amma Jaan (mom) , with more like crying, so she gave me some tips to get over with my mind issues and have a better and planned tomorrow.

Dealing with stress isn't easy. But it's not also impossible. Stress is basically a burden our mind creates and it seems so alive, even more than the reality. If you want to fight (boom boom) with stress, you'll have to calm yourself and relax.

 Deal With Stress
1. I wasn't having a good sleep time. I'd be awake whole night and sleep till 2 PM noon. According to Amma Jaan , it was destructive. So I told myself to go to bed as early as I can .

2. Calm your mind. I had been listening songs on a very loud volume that sometimes gave me severe head & ear aches. My mind would be buzzing with lyrics whenever I tried to think about something. So I didn't really go for music , if I did , it was slow and low-toned one.

3. Eat well. When I am stressed , I will eat and eat A LOT. Which can be painful afterwards (see also : nightmares, lack of sleep) . Eating well goes into having a small but good diet as a glass of juice with a sandwich or a chocolate bar or some pizza slices. I eat what makes me happy , so choose whatever makes you happy.

4. Write. When you don't feel like talking to anyone , write it down. Don't type on your gadget , write on a paper with a pen. It feels SO relieved when I finish writing something. Hah , that's another thing that I start to feel like J.K. Rowling . Wink.

5. Go to a social gathering. Wait , I can tell you it can get more overwhelming in social events. Don't choose something too crowdy. A peaceful place as an art exhibition or a little family dinner. Family dinners are better , you know they're the people who are at your side , every & anytime.

6. Talk to someone. One huge sign of stress is that you won't like to talk to anyone, even your best friend. Here , you'll have to brace yourself and puke out everything that's been bothering you to someone you trust blindly. It works more than anything. As I had said , stress is something our mind creates so letting it out wouldn't really bother you anymore.
On a fun note : when I feel stressed , I take multiple selfies.

One of my blogging fellow Stephanie wasn't blogging as she was having blogging stress. I intend to help her , so here are some extra tips if you're facing stress in blogging , in particular.

Be inspired , don't get confused. You see a hundred of awesome photos on some blog , yet your camera only takes a bunch of fancy photos. That blog has a great scenario , yours don't. Then what?
Don't let it overwhelm you too much. Try taking inspiration from other blogs but don't run after to it , blindly. Or else you'll stop seeing your own blog and creativity.

Note down ideas as they come. If I am thinking about a post while laying on my bed at night , there are 99% chances I will forget it at morning. So whenever an idea sparks in your mind , note it down. Use your phone , or notebook or planner. Just go for it.

Keep calm and carry on. "Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20." I love this quote. When you start a blog , it doesn't really go UP in days or months. It requires constant working , attention, resources and networking. Each element is necessary. So don't compare the success of your blog to someone who's been blogging for ages . They must have put efforts in it.

These are some few things I learned all by myself , with help of others. If you feel stressed , just let it out. Draw , paint , write , talk to someone but don't let it kill you. Stress isn't a disease , it's a made up thought , basically.

How do YOU deal with stress?
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Lessons I Learned From My Favorite Books

I'm a bibliophile. I can remember buying and collecting books as a kid. I got this habit from my Mom (Amma Jaan). She would always buy me and Areeba books . We would buy snacks and drinks and eat them while reading. It went on for years.
I got away from reading when I was a senior in high school , I hardly even had time to read magazine but when high school was over , I was back to be a vivid reader.
Mainly , I am an over-night reader. If I start a book , it's way too hard to put it down. Or characters would come and haunt me to complete the book. Haye! it's better to read the book after 12 at night. So I can read right till morning. Usually , I complete a book within 5-6 hours.

I prefer to read book with a strong plot and sensible message to be conveyed. I once heard from someone that what you learn from a book would always stay in your mind. So instead of reading disturbing literature , you should read some great books that may change your life in a good way.

There are some very good books that changed my whole perspective about life. I didn't only get to read fiction but also a great message from each book.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
I have read this story in childhood , many times. But I completed the novel a while back. It was about a boy who travels to various places and learns a lot about life. This book let me explore my mind within the locations and thoughts of the boy. It was a classic , I'm telling you.

Lesson I learned : Be honest and keep a deep look round your surrounding. Good things come to those who wait , literally.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
It is , without any doubt, the most successful book of this year. or decade. Though it went all mainstream , I still think it was well deserved. This book was a mix of emotions and struggle. It's about two teenagers who had cancer and they fell in love. But no , it's not your average YA romance book.
I also wrote What I Learned From The Fault In Our Stars.

Lesson I learned : Difficulties of life shouldn't stop you from loving what you already have. Take care of the people who care about you.  Love is a precious thing and not everyone's lucky enough to have found it.

If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon
Sidney Sheldon is an amazing thriller writer. If Tomorrow Comes is a story of a brilliant woman who had to face criminal difficulties though she was all innocent. After that , she actually becomes a con artist. Inter-pol and detectives chased her but she tricks them all.
I was so furious what had happened to Tracy Whitney (Protagonist) at first. But how she managed it and led a whole different life afterwards.
"She was going to make them pay… Tomorrow, she thought. If tomorrow comes." I loved this line.

Lesson I learned : If you're innocent , in no way anyone can do wrong to you. If you're dedicated , you can achieve ANYTHING.

Pir-E-Kamil by Umera Ahmed
This book is from a Pakistani author , Umera Ahmed. She's a wonderful writer and her books are always so amazing. I have read almost all of her books. But this one is my most favorite.
It's a story of a guy who has an IQ of 150 but he's a spoiled person. He experiments with everything , even suicide. Yes , he wants to feel how one dies. His life changes after a girl and religion. God , I couldn't put this book down. Pir-E-Kamil was published in Urdu but has been translated in English.

Lesson I learned : If you strive hard for something with honesty , you'll get it. If only that thing is good for you.

Divergent by Veronica Roth
I read this book after the movie was released.
It's a completely different story. Reminds me of Harry Potter though. The world in Divergent is so civilized. They're separated in factions and those factions are trained within their own rules.

Lesson I learned : Instead of escaping from your weakness , try to face it. Unless it will kill you and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

I have a lot of other books to be shared but I could only do five at the moment. BUT.... Books can never get old , they're always a valuable friend.

What are some books that influenced you & taught a lesson?
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

I used to buy a lot of teen girls magazines and would cut cute models' poses and their clever quizzes when I was a tween. I had a lot of picture journals , with some witty jokes pasted on them. Nah , they weren't any cute thing. I threw most of them , oh no ALL of them. But I still love to fill magazine quizzes , they make me feel like a famous high school brat. Sigh , I know I'm not anymore. Bye bye high school.

I saw The Blogmopolitan Quiz and filled it suddenly.

// My name is Noor Unnahar , but I'm called Noor casually. Most of the people get my name wrong , it's Nuu-r On-na-haar. Not Noooooo-or Yun-na-her . You won't believe but I've been called this. Embarrassing. Do you know what's my name story?

// My favorite nickname is Noori , it was given by my family. You see , my family is so creative that my nickie was even bigger than my real name. Noor to Noori , a journey of name switching (I could make an autobiography movie with this name). The rest of the names are given way too randomly.

// Tea is my fuel . Don't give me tea for two days and I'll be a zombie , a cute one though. Aww. Pizza makes me happy , with veggie toppings and cheesy crust. Mascaras and eye liners are a make up essential of mine , way too important.

// To be honest , I have a very very blurry image of soda in my head. I'm a basic Pepsi and coke person so the fizzy or carbonated drinks I get to drink is Vitamin Water. So this soda thing is coca-colaaaaaa for me.

// I'm so very terrified of lizards. WAY TOO MUCH. I don't understand why they creep me out this much , it has got to be a mystery from my childhood where I was stranded on a dark island and there were so many lizards I fought with and....wait it never happened then why I am this much terrified of lizards? I'll spend the rest of life figuring it out.

// My Baba Jaan (dad) once said to me "If you make others feel inferior or don't respect them. It's not a good thing. One day , you'll have to face the same thing. You can't get passed from the pain you once gave to someone."
This thing got stuck in my mind. I kind of dislike people who don't respect others , who don't care about other. No matter if it's about a street beggar or an executive officer , everyone should be treated in a good way.

// Real Housewives? I only have some acquaintance with their GIFs.

// I want to go to Canada , on an urgent basis. Call the airport , let me book a seat. I want to land on Niagara falls , straight. Maybe not straight , I don't want to die in freezing water. Ops.

// #teamPAJAMAS. Good night , sleep tight , wake up bright in your pajamas. The peaceful rule
for leading a good life.

// My favorite times of the year are written all above. Ramazan , Eid , my birthday and Sundays.

// I can't wait to pack some bags and travel all around the world. I have a teeny tiny idea that I can , I can travel as much as I want to. It's just not the right time at the moment to do it. But I will , someday :)
Annnnnd , being successful is a goal to be achieved. As firm as the last goal of Germany in World Cup. Gl├╝cklich

// Every morning I wake up with a promise , "I will start working out.....tomorrow."
This tomorrow is as near as September. Or November. How about I give it a go in 2015? Although I am so optimistic about working out.

// I'm (probably) not a good care taker when it comes to kids. I can remember when I used to dislike babies , my bad. But I don't anymore , hurrah , I love little kids. Even toddlers.

// If you ask someone about me , that you really shouldn't (just kidding. Go ask) , they'll certainly say I'm what I marked up there. It feels so good to be a fun person while being a little more responsible and independent. Life isn't about considering EVERYTHING on others , but it is to lead it on your own while BEING with others. My golden rule.

// I like friends with pizzas. Or me with pizzas. Or us with pizzas. Pizza pizza pizza.

// Love , is such an important thing to me. It's not The Notebook love , it's just about caring way too honestly about the people in my life. Where we all will be by each other's side, forever ever ever.

// I'm not a party-hard-cuz-yolo person. So my weekends are peaceful , fun and relaxing. I'll go on a long drive with family or eat out.

// I look forward to rest & relax in my room. Honestly. No matter how much work or fun or anything I did , the best part of my day is to be in my bed , resting well :)

What would be your answers to The Blogmopolitan Quiz?
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Friday, 18 July 2014

Totally Favorites - this week!

It's Friday !!!!!!
To be perfectly honest , these days I've been completely unaware of week days and even time. When you have nothing to do in life (see more : studies) so things go like that. I hardly get to glance calender or clock. Just for now. Freedom.
Today, I'm linking up with #FavTotalSocial from Helene . It's about sharing your favorites. Yeah , that should be fun . I'm sharing what was my favorite in past week , yo!

Favorite Selfie :
If you know me , you must know I'm a self-claimed professional selfie taker. Aw. I wanted to submit my face for My Face For Peace yesterday , so I had to take a decent selfie. I liked their cause , it was started by an artist from Germany and he needed 10000 people to submit their faces with a peace message. With the critical condition of world peace these days , I knew I was going to do it. This is the selfie I submitted to their website.

Favorite Moment :
I had put my ring somewhere and couldn't find. I was roaming around house , asking everyone if they had seen my ring. Gosh , that ring was so dear to me. I couldn't give up. After searching everywhere , I knew I had lost it (sigh!). With a very terrifying sad face , I slammed myself on bed. My favorite ring went missing and it's a lot serious than it seems. After all this struggle , I found out I had put it on my bed. It was right with my pillow. YAY! It wasn't lost , I WAS *insert a confusing emoji here*

Favorite Song :
Don't Stop by 5 Second of Summer. 
I was craving to hear some music from this boy band but I couldn't really decide where to start. I am a basic billboard person , in general. So I asked Cheriese to suggest me a song and she suggested this one.
Oh-eem-gee! It is a perfect , teenage-ish song. I guess 5SOS are going to be my mega favorite when I turn 17.
(My 17th birthday is on 16th of August. So near.)

Favorite Social Media:
Twitter awakes my inner comedy star , I feel like 140 characters are my short script and I can laugh on my own bits. Despite , I tweet fellow bloggers , sometimes celebs and brands. This way , twitter wins the favorites race.

Favorite Quote: 
This quote is like a big pat on my back. I realized the actual meaning of this quote is "Nobody is going to help you find a good internship or job unless you move around and check out opportunities within your skills. Now when you've known it , get up and put off this invisible cloak of procrastination."

Helene in Between

What's your favorite stuff this week?
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

10 Songs That Make Me Happy

1. Mirrors By Justin Timberlake
This song just makes me so happy. The lyrics , the music and everything. It is one of those song that makes me want to do a huge concert. Yeah! 

2. We Own The Night by Selena Gomez
This is a lovely song. My best pick for sleepovers. In my imaginations , it takes me to woods and star gazing.

3. Best Song Ever by One Direction
YO , YAY , YUHOO! It can get a bit loud but I still play it out loud while being on long drives , as it's the best song ever.

4. 22 by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift can never go wrong with lyrics. Although I am not 22 or going to be 22 in next few years, the music is just so awesome.

5. Lucky by Britney Spears
The only song from Britney Spears that gets me happily emotional. It's mainly about a very famous but lonely actress , I still take it positively .

6. Don't Leave Home by Dido
It is an old song I picked from my baba Jaan (dad)'s music collection. He has a great taste in music and we would always listen it in our family drives.

7. Lost And Found by Katie Herzig
This song has so many positive vibes. I listened it in film Family Weekend and right after watching the movie , I went straight to look for this song.

8. Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) by The Pussycat Dolls & A.R.Rahman
This song was for film Slumdog Millionaire and I fell in love with it. My aunt had it recorded for me in a tape cassette when it first came out. Talk about dedication , lel.

9. What The Hell by Avril Lavigne  
La-La-La! This is so funny song , it could lead up as a breakup song but it didn't. Aye Avril ! 

10. She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5
It's a little old song. Like , it was released in 2004. I didn't really like it until it appeared it in The Last Song. It reminds me of rains and thunderstorms and eventually , a rainbow (dramatic!).

So these are some songs I enjoy almost anytime except when I am deadly sad and Wrecking Ball kind of songs are on my playlist. Yeah
What are some songs that make you happy?
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