Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How To: Start Calligraphy

My love for calligraphy isn't something new. Though I just started practicing it a while back and that's probably the best thing I've ever done as in case of creative works.
To be honest, I'm a basic hand writing person, by basic I mean really basic. Like, I get along with it. But calligraphy is a lot more fancy than any casual handwriting. When I made an attempt for it, I didn't have any idea how it was going to be. It could be fun or an absolute fail. But it turned out to be a mixture of both, only getting better with practice and time. Haha!

It's simple as any hobby. Just like you can self-train yourself for painting or singing, it goes the same way. I know a lot of people who want to start calligraphy but never actually start it.
To make a start, you need to know what styles suit you best. I have always loved stretched + san serif fonts so I picked my favorites and scribbled them down on paper. One word at a time.

Once you get the hold of each letter in your favorite script, you can keep adding new styles of your own and make your own patterns. Like I do. I stretch the middle letters in a word to make it look good.
At first, I recommend using a pen or pencil. A normal one. On any kind of paper or sheet. Try using a blank white sheet because it gives freedom or creativity (I just made this up) . Once your lettering is set, you can now switch to ink and brush. Grab a ink pot of any kind and thinnest brush you can easy handle to draw letters.

I am not a pro calligrapher of any sort. I just love doing it so I wanted to share it with anyone who may start it or want to start it. I plan to make it a pro-thing one day, hopefully. I will also be starting digital calligraphy, only waiting for my graphic tablet to arrive (wooo!!!!)

It only takes a lot of practice and patience to get better in calligraphy or even in anything. You need to be calm and completely optimistic for the output of your effort. I am SO glad I started something I wasn't sure of actually being able to do. If you're stuck somewhere between "should I do it?" or "I can't do that" , then do it for once. It may not turn out exactly what you concluded but it will be something.

Do you like calligraphy? What could be your hidden talent?

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Busy Kind Of Week - #iGraphy Link Up

Here we go again, 2nd post of #iGraphy. My week has been completely filled with academic activities, studies and a tad bit of family time. Assessments and final examinations are getting near and shiz is gonna get real. Like, very real.

But first, let's move on to the link up. YASSS!!!!

I just bought this cute M&M iPod case and it's the cutest thing evaaaa! I kept looking for some cool ipod cases but they usually didn't fit my taste well. Then this buddy caught my eye. It was red (remember, my color of the year)

O is for oreo. Oh and also for orange juice. I am not the healthiest person alive on earth so my midnight snacks include biscuits and a mason jar filled with tang. Nomnomnom!

I wrote a letter for the victims of Peshawar attack victims. It wasn't exactly a letter but a condolence note. My college announced a letter collection is honor for Peshawar attack victims and we were supposed to write anything for them. So I chose to write a simply condolence note. Someone is going to read it there and I hope it makes their day.

If you know me, you must be aware of my selfies obsession skills. I got myself a selfie stick for this very purpose. 70% of my camera roll consists of selfies. This stick is surely gonna boost that rate somehow.
The joy on our faces was to show case a free period. Nothing beats a good ol' free class, betcha!

Now, it's me , trying to get all creative with photography and filling the rest of my camera roll with artistic photos. Weather was a mixture of sunny skies + shattered clouds and it wasn't even cold. Seems like it's the time to say bye to winters in Karachi. A part of me wants it to stay but the other wants summer. I think summer part is far more appealing.

How was your week? Got anything to share in #iGraphy link up? Happy VDay y'all!!!!

L I N K  U P 

Rules : 
The aim of this link up is to focus on everyday objects or surrounding and take photos of everything you like and share it with the world. 
Photography isn't limited to huge fancy cameras but is a passion. So grab your point and shoot, iPhone or tablet and take wonderful photos to share with the world. Be an iGrapher! 
Follow your host , that's me. 
Add a link back to this link up or grab a button to add in your post. 
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#iGraphy - A Photography link up

For those who aren't bloggers + people who share creative photos on some other social media outlets rather than blogs (like Flickr / Instgram / Tumblr) can add their links with us in this link list below. 

PS : #socialbloggers chat on twitter will happen tonight. 6-7PM UK time and 11-12pm PK time. Join in for some creative blogging discussions.
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Friday, 13 February 2015

5 Things I Need To Do Right Now

Out of my grieve-mode right now, I want to shriek in excitement to see my blog again! As unfortunate as it sounds, my laptop decided to break its screen, leaving me hanging with confused tears-filled eyes and head-scratching hands because I had A LOT work to do and so many files on it. Well, it's back after like 5 days or something and I have been working on it since then. Exclude the tiring day at college, I am so in mood of complaining that if I start, there'd be no stop button.
But most importantly, it's friday night and no college tomorrow, so I will be doing errrrything that's fun. Including writing this post and overeating midnight snacks.
There are quite a lot of things I needed to do in past week but they somehow got left behind (aka I don't want to be blamed for leaving some very important things that I shouldn't have. Eeek!) and I need to do them ASAP.

Completing Accounts Homework
Accounting is such an interesting thing, mostly. I love sitting in class and chat over how beneficial it is . And fun (which isn't really the truth) Anyways, I left like 5 questions that will take a lot of space on my neat white notebook. Last night, I was doing a question and I stuck at a point where difference in values was only 100 and I couldn't find it anyhow. If you're acquainted with accounting, balances on both sides need to be balanced and a minor difference can be a pain to figure out. I had the not-really-pleasure of knowing this pain. It's still not resolved yet and I probably need to pick it up and resolve again.

Finish reading a book
I am reading a Secret Seven book right now. They all remind me of my childhood as I happened to be the detective kind of kid. It's a teeny tiny book with cute illustrations. Oh and I slipped it off from my 7 year old cousin's book collection since my own collection is terrifying me at this point.  With 400 pages books. I need to finish it first so I can move on to a more big girl kind of book.

Manage my stuff
My wardrobe is a mess. So is my study. So is nearly everything I am responsible of managing. I don't know why this week was so busy. Actually, I was too busy in college events and studies that my own room was neglected for an eternity. I need to manage, I need to manage.

Back to social media
I couldn't believe my own self when I saw my last tweet was 3 days ago. I don't know, I was probably too upset for my laptop that I didn't even use my iPod for any social media except of Instagram (I love insta) I am going to be back there. How can one even live without some good social media time? The teenage spirit in me needs to be stopped, probably!

Write a poem or two
I haven't written a single poem in February. Which is pretty sad. I have some topics that could be used well in poetry but my mind is far too busy to think on it. Seriously mind dude, it's completely unfair.

In these ramblings, I would love to tell you all that Her Campus Blogger Network featured me on their blogger spotlight page. It's an honor (yay!!!)

What are some important things you need to do right now (and you're just procrastinating)?

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Start - #iGraphy Link Up

I am so excited right now!!!! Today, first ever #iGraphy - photography link up, is going to be live. I had always wanted a reason to post beautiful pictures on my blog, that probably didn't have a solid background or story behind them but they still looked pretty. Now, they'll end up online for whole world to see. Yay! Scroll down and find the link up for yourself. Oh and in between, read my post.

- The photo above, is from an event happened in college. A beauty portal company named Beautiful You visited my college with their staff and a spa! Having a day off the studies , getting a beauty treatment for no particular reason at all certainly made my day even brighter.

A classic, I-am-a-good-student kinda shot. There are so many glamorous arm candy shots out there but this seemed to be one of a kind since uniforms are the least glam thing in the world.

I could never stop taking photos of bright skies. Heart eyes emojis. These days, skies are pretty bare. No clouds, no shaded horizon and stuff.

Me, trying to save my grades in business math, by studying for real. *confused laughter*
I think it's safe to say that after a battle of few years, me and dear Math are friends now. We go well along. Without irritating the heck out of each other. You see, this subject can get me sparkly bright marks so I couldn't really give up.

I often go to sit under this tree when I'm too exhausted by a busy day in college. It's so peaceful around here.

These were few of my i-grapher kind of shots. I will be taking more and more for future link ups (huzzah!) Now, it's your turn to get up and take a bunch of pretty photos and be your own i-Grapher!!!!
Rules : 
The aim of this link up is to focus on everyday objects or surrounding and take photos of everything you like and share it with the world. Photography isn't limited to huge fancy cameras but is a passion. So grab your point and shoot, iPhone or tablet and take wonderful photos to share with the world. Be an iGrapher!
Follow your host , that's me.
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#iGraphy - A Photography link up

For those who aren't bloggers + people who share creative photos on some other social media outlets rather than blogs (like Flickr / Instgram / Tumblr) can add their links with us in this link list below.
Don't forget to join #socialbloggers chat on Twitter tonight.
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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Progress Report

February is here. I am still trying to make myself write 2015 on date sheets instead of 2014. Is time flying or something? But I am glad it's fast. Albeit, not furious.
This year, my new year's resolutions are of serious kind. So I started working for them from the very start of January. Now when it's already few days of February, I thought I should make a report of how things have been going on. Some good / some bad.

Calligraphy / Art

I absolutely love calligraphy. I've tried some more styles and they've been a good choice. The good thing is that it's something I had never ever tried before. I always thought brushes weren't for me. Glad to be wrong, haha!

Sometimes, they turn out great. Sometimes, I spot an epic fail. Fails are fun, believe me! I found an old brush from Areeba's art treasure and a pot of black ink to start with. The brush was kind of crap (I couldn't steal your good one, Areeba) I suppose this is how things should start. For free.

Working Out
Work outs, yasss!!! Being a newbie in this fitness game, I started with 8 minute challenges. It's been few days with squats and lateral lunges. I wasn't sure how to start but once you find a way, there's no turning back.
My legs started hurting  B A D after two days of exercises. It freaked me out (I honestly thought I was never going to walk again) but I found out it was just muscle sore. I strictly dislike the sound of it. But it's getting better as it's getting in routine.
I'm currently using P4P 8 minute challenge. I'll switch to some more when I get the hold of it. To be honest, it's a great feeling to finally pull off the most important resolution. I haven't been completely faithful in fitness game because of this sore muscles thing. It's saddening *insert the saddest emoji Apple hasn't even invented yet*


Photography is going well. Perhaps more than that. I made a hashtag #KarachiThroughMyLens on Instagram and created a link up #iGraphy so it's been a goal-well-achieved so far.
I was talking to my class fellows this morning and we ended up talking about photography. They told me they adored my Karachi photography series so much. It was amazing to hear it since I thought it was never getting any attention. So, woohooo!!!


Studies are going well. I didn't miss any single lecture (intentionally) so my concepts are pretty clear. I am afraid I don't like Economics enough to pay extra attention, which is something really important and I SHOULD start working on it, anyhow. Oh man!
I have been loving Math. It's so positive to realize. I don't know why I hated it at first place, back in high school. I watched a TED talk on Fibonacci numbers + Math and the presenter made the most stupid Math terms look fine and fun. It really depends on how you're learning things, they can either be fun or bum.

A Better Person
It's my main goal to be a better person. Without knowing how to do it. There's one thing I know for sure that a better person is kind and helpful and doesn't lie. I've been trying to incorporate it all in everything I do. It's the easiest and the hardest thing to do. At some points, you can't really let people take advantage of your kindness because they will try to do it. Whatever happens, I'd be trying even harder to take it all along.
Except of it all, there's a lot much going on. 2015 started with some BOOM-BASH-DOOM and I can't wait to be a part of a lot new things that are yet to come.

What's the most important to do for you, these days?
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