Saturday, 11 April 2015


Knock knock?
I've been a complete MIA in past week. With exams coming up, I am having hard time managing both real and virtual presence. It's really hard to focus on studies when there are so many things dancing around my head,
I had been wondering what should I do to calm my nerves and solely focus on everything related to my exams? Mannn I got accounting, economics and 5 other subjects to excel and I can't sit around and plan things just in my head. Just then I realized, I could unplug from internet and social media, cut all my family gatherings and other functions to half (since you CAN'T cut them off completely) and try to stick to "you-better-study" schedule. It's going to be hard since I am usually found with gadgets 25 hours a day *sarcasm intended*
There must be other students like me, who are trying to get their minds off other things and get in actions for exams, my advice for all of them is just start from somewhere and make points on every topic you need to focus on. As it's probably too late to start it all over.

I'm planning to go on a blogging break till the mid of June. The exams of freshmen year aren't gonna be easy. I could use all the good wishes and prayers so send them all my way. This time, I can't let Math kill me.
As it did in high school.
Hey, I have a new pal Economics, I need to be friend with it, too.

My current plan is :
- Wake up (whenever you can but preferably early) and make a list of what to learn/practice for a subject.
- Revise what you learned yesterday.
- Drink juices or take a tea break after every hour or two.
- Write along the learning. Everything you've learned or practice, keep a track of that.
- Eat good. Don't let exams bug bite and take away all the foodie happiness away. NOH!
- Keep your hopes up and work hard as much as you can.

Have you ever unplugged? I'd like to know some of your tips. In the meantime, you can email me anything blog or exams related :) WISH ME LUCKK!
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Friday, 3 April 2015

Review + Look: Born Pretty Store Makeup

Hello everyone, I am so excited for today's post since it's going to be a make up review. A bunch of amazing make up from Born Pretty Store.
I picked a mascara, an eyeshadow palette and a lip stick so I could create different everyday looks, easily. I used to be a basic lip-gloss-and-mascara person but it's not the case anymore. Though, I still find myself struggling with right cosmetic, which is legit because I hardly used any until this year. My order arrived within two weeks, I was squealing with happiness since their worldwide shipping is free and standard shipping takes like a month to arrive in Pakistan. Hurrahz and yuppiez.

Pure Color Lipstick
I had been wanting to add a perfect shade of pink in my collection but every color I found so far was either light or nude ( you could tell how Amma Jaan must have helped AKA she didn't). This lipstick had a bright pink shade which was lovely so I chose it right away.
When I applied it for the first time, it was so creamy and highly pigmented. The color lasted for a whole day. YAS! I ate and drank freely, it faded a bit after few hours but didn't completely wash off. Which was the nicest thing, I must say. It's also a most close dupe shade of Mac Candy Yum Yum.
Hah, I always wanted to have a shot of swatch like this. It shows the real color of the lipstick and you could tell how pretty pink is that.
This mascara has this adorable design and it came in a cool packaging. I wanted a lengthening mascaras because I already had thickening ones so it was a necessity. The brush is soft. This is a waterproof mascara with a long lasting effect of almost 10 hours if you don't rub your eyes. Though it takes some time to dry a single coat. I had used multiple coats so I spent few minutes in doing my lashes. Uh-huh.
You can see the result, it lengthen the lashes to a great extent. I could thicken them a bit as well but for a day look, I kept it light. Three coats of mascara worked for this look. 

Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette comes with five shimmer shades. I did my eye make up using all of these shades to create a smoky sort of look. I only used the brush that came with it. So there wasn't much mixturing of shades.
The gray shade isn't really pigmented, I love the brown and white the most. These shades are mainly used in my look as well. I planned to do a darker shade but for a light day look, it seemed a lot. So I ended up doing the lighter one.
The Look!
This is the complete look. I usually add a bit of kohl as well but didn't add in it. My damp hair tells another story that how I didn't straighten them but did the photo shoot right after shower and how awfully red they look. All well.

Thanks to Born Pretty Store for sponsoring this post and sending their products. Go check out their website for amazing jewellery and make up and everything. Use code "NOOR10K31" to get 10% off on your order.
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What is your everyday look essential?
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Monday, 30 March 2015

Very Useless Updates

Welcome to the first post of useless updates. Areeba created this link up so we all can babble about different oh-not-so important things. I had been wanting to write a post myself and here it is. Currently, I am typing slowly in a peaceful room but my head is spinning around every other useless thing I've done in past week.

- My exams are only a month away. OMG WHAT DID I JUST TYPE?  and I am going to get on a strict schedule, starting from tomorrow.  Exams freak everyone out, I need to assure myself. It's gonna be a biggie big "college world" exam which synonyms to : not easy, you peasant.

- I just realized that tea is my cure. Cure for bad moods, sad faces. bad hair days and literally everything. Well, I realize that after every week or so. Nothing new tbh.

- Very sadly and badly, my iPod's charging cord was pulled and poor thing was broken. I can't blame anyone because it was ME who did that or should I say, under misfortunate circumstances, it was pulled to an extent where a damage was due. *coughs* I got a new one and it's blue and when plugged in, it blinks a smiley and a heart. BTW the smiley is so creepy and I am going to change it to Apple's sophisticated one as soon as I get the chance.

- I am missing Teen Wolf in my life. their new season is due in June and I can't wait already. You wouldn't believe I haven't finished Sherlock because it wasn't thaaaat exciting as everyone exaggerated (no offence, Sherlockedz) Whenever Areeba asks what season I am on, my reply is always the same " Oh man, my exams are so near. I am not supposed to watch some crap tv show okay?" Hah, I am clever.

- Someone please make me love Economic. I am trying myself.

- I am on vacationing mode. It means lazying around and stressing over my imaginary future career that's like 5 years ahead. Um, prolly this is the side effect of getting off college for a while.

What are some useless updates from your week?
Useless Updates

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Creativity Flow - #iGraphy

Welcome to #iGraphy - photography link up. Every Saturday, this link up invites bloggers and photography enthusiasts to share their creative photos on web. The aim of this link up is to focus on everyday objects or surrounding and take photos of everything you like and share it with the world. Photography isn't limited to huge fancy cameras but is a passion. So grab your point and shoot, iPhone or tablet and take wonderful photos to share with the world. Be an iGrapher!

Hey everyone! Good ol' Saturday is here. This week, a lot happened and a lot has to happen in upcoming week. This is what life look like when I have studies and unplanned bits waiting for me to catch up with. Freshmen year of college has finally ended (sad yays!) and all I've left to do is study for finals. Wish me luck.
When there's a lot to study, I choose not to, instead. Big sad crying face. It's the student life tragedy or you can say, a cheesy habit. I hope I'll get motivated enough to open books instead of switching between apps on my iPod.
These photos are from random pages on my sketch book. I usually don't use colors when it comes to calligraphy but honestly, I wasn't really doing calligraphy. Ha ha! Hashtag kill time.
I was playing with shadows and natural light for some photos. To create some dramatic looking photos like you see on vintage inspired dark photos. I tried, too. Ops! This week has been creative, in weird ways. 

Let's move on to the link up - how was your week? link up with iGraphy now. The best photo from last week's link up was :
B E S T   S H O T 
Stephanie posted this photo in spring themed post. It was so refreshing and I loved these flowers. Great, Stephanie.

L I N K   U P   T I M E
Follow your host , that's me. 
Add a post on photography theme below in link up.
Add a link back to this link up or grab a button to add in your post. 
Visit at least one blog in this link up and appreciate the iGrapher in them. Leave a comment of encouragement. That's what we all should do, right?
Best shots will be selected from #iGraphy posts that are linked back to me.
*any link outside of the theme or not linked to #iGraphy post , will be deleted.
#iGraphy - A Photography link up

For those who aren't bloggers + people who share creative photos on some other social media outlets rather than blogs (like Flickr / Instgram / Tumblr) can add their links with us in this link list below.

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Friday, 27 March 2015

5 Things That Made My Week

Good ol' Friday is here, huzzah! My week days and weekends are now equal since college is ending and I am sure I could easily roll off my scheduled routine. Which isn't a good thing by the way. Coughs,
I couldn't blog ALL week. I was vacationing at my Khala (aunt)'s , playing with a dozen cats that happen to live with her. They were SO adorable. Me, as being a petless person, was too happy to be around them. I never had a chance to have a pet since my Amma Jaan (mom) is allergic and she isn't very pet friendly in general. So I guess you could understand my pain.

I am listing 5 things that absolutely made my week. Spoiler, it includes a good book, cats and blahblah.

1- Finishing Gone Girl
I am too honest with my Goodreads challenge this year. I took a challenge of completing 10 books in 2015. I usually read more than 10 but setting a goal certainly helps to track the progress in case I am trying to cheat with reading routine, ops! Gone Girl was on the top of my to-read list. Though it took me a little while to finish it, since it wasn't really an easy book. I thought I might leave it hanging and move to another book but out of curiosity, I finished it. In the middle, I was completely hooked and didn't regret reading it. Such a good book. I will review it on blog soon. Big wide grin.

2- Cats cats cats
My Instagram and Twitter was absolutely filled with adorable kittens past week. I couldn't help but share the adorableness all across the world wide web. See!

3- New Music
My playlist was old as stale bread and nearly ALL the songs were repeated thousands of time before I moved to new songs (oh and my ears could bleed if I played a song which was on repeat all week, one more time). I still think it's not enough and need to get on Spotify train ASAP but meanwhile, I'm digging old songs, others' playlists and more. If you have some cool songs on your playlist, share it with me. Pretty please.

4- Last days of college
My freshmen year is coming to an end. It sounds unreal!!!!! But it is a progress and I am SO glad it went by too well.  I tried to make the most of it. College life is unpredictable and fun than you think.

5- Make up tutorials
From fixing my winged eyeliner to basic eye shadows applying, I am watching YouTube videos to master some skills for an upcoming collaboration with a make up company. I am very basic when it comes to make up so I needed a pro kind of boost. YT is heaven of tutorials and those videos have been so helpful. If I end up being top make up artist of the country by next week, don't wonder okay?

What are some things that made your week (or day , ernn)?

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