Sunday, 21 December 2014

Haul // Karachi International Book Fair

On Saturday, I went to Karachi International Book Fair #KIBF. Well, I wrote it like this to make it look cool. In easier words, I attended an amazing book fair that's happening in city right now. Book fairs are awesome. There are so many books and papers and stationery and most importantly, people who actually care about reading. Isn't it getting unusual these day? Sadly, yes.

I woke up pretty late following morning. 12 PM. But that's the beauty of holidays so I'll just leave it. We were in dilemma whether to go on Sat or wait till last day. But last days at fairs are crowdy. I am glad we picked early days. Khair, I had no idea everyone was ready to go until I came into senses around 1 PM after breakfast (more like lunch but again, I'll leave it)
"Whattay lucky day. I will get me a book or two. Maybe one. I am still committed to Dan Brown's collection in shelves. Magazine should work." I thought.

The book fair was at Expo Center, it's the main exhibition center in Karachi. I adore that place. It's big, executive and so so official kinda place. Ya know. I didn't take a single photo there because when books are concerned, hey you forget everything. Book fair was like a fair, full of book stalls, people, workers handing out brochures.
I checked whole exhibition , from stall to stall. New publishers , books and errything.  I'm a bibliophile but not a severe one. So I got myself a few goodies.

H A U L   T  I M E!!! 
I got this idea from Jadirah, to do a #KBIF haul. I have never done a haul before. So I'll just pretend to be a pro and do what seems sensible. Phew.

The book fair was a literal heaven of books. I can tell you. Areeba went completely crazy and there were chances she would buy the whole place but yay, money is directly proportional to being broke.
Haha! (that's for you twin sister)

I bought a book Tape by Steven Camden, a M magazine and a cute tumbler.

// Tape by Steven Camden :
This book is so so so cute. Well I am only at 110 pages but it's been a cute story. I can't wait to read it and would review it on blog soon.
I was wandering around stalls, deciding what to buy then I saw this vibrant colored book. I read the prologue and I knew I was going to buy. It said " Two teenagers, separated by time but infinitely connected. You can call it a love story or a time travel story" or something like this. I KNEW I WOULD BUY IT. So I did. But a girl commented on my Instagram saying it's not good enough so I am half heart broken and half optimistic. Let's see.

// a M magazine
I love magazines. L O V E. Celebrity gossips, DIY + make up tips and everything I like, is always in magazines so I couldn't resist the lush view of Liberty Magazines stall and got myself this issue. There's a cute pink stick with it, for making a bun , which I can't make, apparently. And so many posters that I won't ever stick on my room's wall but keep for years. Yay!

// Tumbler 
I can never get enough goodies for my tea drinking. It's a proper habit, now. I loved this purple tumbler and my mind kept telling me " you should get it , you must get it. For tea's sake. For juice's sack. For everything's sake" so happily, it's in my hands. It's actually so cute than it appears.

Did any of you go to KIBF? What's something you're currently reading ?
New year is around the corner (hurray hurray huzzah!) and we all bloggers must write something regarding new year that's 2015. Right?
Me and Areeba from I Have Messy Bun blog have planned a link up "Holla! New year" It's going to happen on. It can be anything.
 Like new year resolutions, bucket list, a post about NY eve or...well now it's you who must get creative. So join us on 1st January for this link up, with other fabulous bloggers.
Holla! new year (a link up)

Au revoir!
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Friday, 19 December 2014

Oh hey Friday

This Friday couldn't be more excited for me. No. Nope. Today is certainly M Y kind of day. I've just started my winter break from college (hurrah!) , have been resting in my warm bed with a million tea cups (another hurrah!) and coming up with my new year resolutions. Okay seriously it's really hard to make resolutions all at once. I still need to figure things out, hopefully.

I had been waiting for this weekend, all the week. It's completely legit to say because after surviving 3 months of college, I am a victim of tiredness. My top hits of week were :


I have found a new passion. Calligraphy. Since I got myself into graphic designing, I love seeing pretty, handwritten fonts. They're magical, in some sort. Albeit the fact I have a terrible handwriting, I have started working on some calligraphy.

N E W  B L O G  G O A L S
Except of resolutions for 2015 about life, I am making some blogging goals for 2k15 as well. Pat on my back. They include new blog design, more designs, poems and pretty photos. Currently working on them.


I had set a goal of reading 5-6 books this year but I exceeded the limit. I read like 10 books in 2014. I want to keep this ritual for life. Because books are better than anything (except of a cup of tea, it's a tie) This week I completed Dan Brown's books and man I can tell he's an amazing author. I've read The Da Vinci Code, currently on Deception Point and Digital Fortress and some more on the way. I feel like a proper biblophile right now. Huzzah! Mystery & thriller, no doubt, is my favorite genre.

H A T E  N O T E , OP S S
I didn't know exactly what a "hate note" was , until today. When I got into my class and saw the board, someone from my class had written on it that me and my friend, we happen to be college executives, are mad. Woah! They could have written it in a more creative way. I wish I could have taken a photo of it and share all around the social media with the hashtag #FirstEverHateNote . But I guess it's a relief I didn't do it.


I hadn't been catching up with my favorite tv shows. I hate the sound of it. Eeeeeekkkk!!! I need to complete Teen Wolf season 3, yes I am sadly stuck there. Master Chef , Modern Family and Monk to be watched. Tis the season, to watch television.

Happy holidays everyone x 

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

P O E M // A Little Flower

Writing poems have become another habit of me. A rare one though. I don't scribble down words randomly for poems because it feels like a disgrace to ruin a verse or two without any idea. Maybe it's only me to feel this way. Poems and poetry have a H U G E impact on me. So if there isn't any clear idea, I won't write one. (that's why I hardly have new poems in my diary now. Lazy me)

The first idea always striking my head for a poem is nature. Flowers and sky. T Y P I C A L. I know *sad face* Ern well if it isn't nature, then some hopeless dramatic thoughts strike my mind which are so stupid that I can't even. Bahaha!
The newest entry in my poems is this poem I'm going to share on my blog today. Again, flower. But flowers are my main inspiration. How they grow out of a small seed and become a glorious buddy, it really inspires me. Same way, I think a person grows the same way. Slowly and beautifully. Bearing the hardships of life and finally turning into the beautiful thing that would be remembered forever. Unlike those who got withered. It's sad. But reality is usually sad.

*cough cough* It's getting too serious and philosophical so let's just get back into poem.

"A flower so little,
Grew in a small pot,
Around it were withered leaves,
And dirty soil was all it got,
None came to adore it,
For them it looked so bad,
The little flower always felt it,
Being ugly made it so sad,

Possibilities were it would die,
Since it didn't have a way of joy,
But it stood still, with sunshine and dew,
Its bravery shone out and attracted a few,
It grew prettier and stronger day by day,
No matter how ugly other pots and leave would stay,
Little flower wanted to rise,
It just felt pretty, it became nice,

Townies noticed it someday after a while,
For them it was a rare beauty in a mud pile,
Somebody took it to a new place,
Where little flower had all of the grace,
Fresh water, soft soil and so many scents,
Everyone adored it, ladies and gents,
What if little flower had given up?
They would have thrown it out of the mud,

It's not always beauty outside that counts,
Sometimes you've to fight off your wounds."
- Noor Unnahar

While writing this post, a very heartbreaking incident happened in Pakistan. A terrorists attack on a school in Peshawar, killing hundreds of students and leaving many injured little souls behind. It is so heartbreaking to see it all happening. We all are devastated. May Allah rest them all in peace and give strength to their families. Ameen x

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

2014: Best of everything

It's hard to believe 2014 is already coming to an end. With halfway through December, 2015 is waving a holla at me. HOW EXCITING!!!!
2014 has surely been the year of progress and somehow loss. Though in the end, I can see the things I lost didn't matter to me in any good way. So, 2014 is, year of progress and good loss. Except of my newly stolen iPod which contained 19GB of personal data *heart breaks*

The best of everything that happened in 2K14 , I am listing it down on blog.

Studies: I completed high school in the start of 2014 and got into college in late October. The big-girl life has started, yassss. There's a long way to go in academic matters but the first milestone has just started.

College : Don't ask me, college has been wonderful. Like really wonderful. I won an Executive seat in college election , attended numerous events and met SO many people. I didn't see it all coming. Well, it's hard to determine life outside of high school goggles. But you get to learn it eventually.

Life in general : I have never been more responsible WHOLE my life. I had intended to be a more responsible and more sensible person but as every year's resolution, I thought I couldn't complete it. A fake haha! for this one.
Another thing was to listen to my parents , to whatever they said. Whatever they wanted me to do. I did. To be a good daughter in a grateful way. Though some things were hardest to do. Hard as rock. But I did. I hope I get rewarded for that. I usually hope for a reward when I do something good. You see, life is all about doing good and having good. Wink.

I, as a person : Umm okay, I will be honest. In my head, I'm the kindest person alive. Who might have made a few mistakes. I bet reality must have been different but I certainly don't know. I kept the ritual of making few friends. Being more closer to my family, which was the best thing evvaaa. Areeba and I did so many things together. Huzzah!

Blogging : I didn't blog much, to be honest. I took a million breaks for exams and for moving and for killing a dragon . Though I started writing poetry and other cool writing stuff that's completely W O A H. I have so many plans for my blogs in 2K15 , hopefully they will go all well.

How was your 2014, in general? x
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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Different Kind of Thanks-list

One thing life has surely taught me is to be grateful, at least for a moment or so. You never know when it is going to end. Which it, surely is. But seriously, real life has got more problems. Like so many of them.
In my new year resolutions of 2014, I was going to be more thankful and grateful and stuff . 2x more grateful in 2015 and 4x in 2016. I think I did 60% for 2014, awesomely. So I am going to list everything I have been grateful. Well it is not going to be I'm grateful for everything in life because .... whyyy it's too mainstream (and unreal. None is actually grateful for everything in life)
It's a different kind of thanks-list.

// I'm thankful for tea to keep me sane when I can't help myself going nuts e.g  while doing homework, working on something nerve-wrecking, cramming a test.

// I'm thankful for actually ending up in Commerce. I was confused, somehow baffled by my own choice of studying a part of something I loathed at senior high school years. Tick tock, it was not as bad as I anticipated. And of course, faaar better than anything else.

// I'm thankful for long talks with Amma Jaan (mom)
Me: You know what, I want to pack my stuff and go on a long journey in mountains. Or maybe study till I get a Masters degree and a phd plus another degree or keep sleeping until I die. The sad part is that all of it at once is not possibly normal. Am I not normal? 
She: What else can I expect from a 17 years old? it's completely fine.
Me: You really think so?
She: But sleeping till you die is a little creepy.
Me: Well, I think the same.
The one like that ^.

// I am thankful for online shopping. If it hadn't been invented, it would be hard to recover my anger with shopping. Ya know, a few treats for my bad moods without letting anyone know.

//I'm thankful for alarms. I lack the ability to wake up at the right time or even at time at all. An alarm is not just an alarm , it's DA ALARM .

// I'm thankful for my college bestie. She is always helping me figuring things out. Like :
"Your hair look like a mess"
"this red highlights looks great on you but get dip-dyes instead."
"We need to run away from here."

Albeit it's something else I'd do rarely.

// I'm thankful for emojis. YASSSS. When I am half confused and half certain about a sarcastic comeback because it may sound mean so I'd add an emoji in the following text and ta-da , it won't hurt any single person on earth.

What are some unusual things you're thankful for?
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