Thursday, 24 April 2014

Degrees of annoyance

I am probably the easiest person to get annoyed so easily . This , my friends , isn't a good trait. I don't need a reason to get pissed off. It goes automatically, repeat this part. AUTOMATICALLY!
Technically, it doesn't go that way. If I like something, I will be cool with it. If I don't like it, I will go beyond crazy to stay away. Again, this isn't something really great.

First degree of annoyance:
Call it a misfortune or a bad luck stuff, I believe if I tell around what I am going to do next. It won't happen. It's been like this for years . So if I have announced an important plan and I end up calling it out loud in public, DARN SURELY it wouldn't happen. The first degree of annoyance in my case.
Aka , I usually don't speak up my important plans . If I do , I am annoyed why I did so. You know, the form of mini heart attacks and regrets.

Second degree of annoyance :
Noise , can it be a fab favorite? No.
People scratching random things , like a heavy trolley. In my opinion , super stores should be the most calm place. Where you go, buy grocery , pay and get out. But trolley's noises, random loud chattings and stuff . I almost lose my concentrate to the fictional collide with a hogwarts secret super market.
Noise is everywhere. In some music, in some places, in my minds. So , annoyance is everywhere, too. Annnd, noise while eating. That ooomp oomp thing .

Third degree of annoyance :
Talk the talk.
Just imagine I am standing with a bunch of fellows. We're getting up for a charity. You know who's going to contribute and who's not. When someone who's not even contributing for the charity is ALL up to face audience , telling them about the chairty mission , getting applauded and NOT EVEN GIVING A DAMN ABOUT CHARITY.
I hate when walk the talk isn't done. You gotta get the chicken, don't make everyone count the feather on it.

These are my three degrees of annoyance. While multiple other things annoy me. Let's count , shall we?

1. Traffic jams. Who likes to stuck in it? I'm out of this league. The real struggle is when you play a song and it's loud . So if your neighbour stuck in that traffic too, would mind.

2. Slow connections. Whether it's a slow internet connection , slow T.V system or anything. Gadgets which are slow just appear to be the death of me.

3. Late replies. If I write a long paragraph-ish message for you , so I wouldn't like to be replied 1234567 hours later once you have seen it.

4. Informal texts. I am not sure if you get that. Informal texts mean " Heyyy pwety, can u bring em 2 3 chclates? thx xoxo"
I like to write a little formally. With all comas and dots and yada yada yada. I get annoyed when I get something like that. Well, that's personal.

5. Front cameras. They're a magical invention. Aren't they? father of selfies. But their quality is always super creepy.

6. TOO much commercials in single show. I get that a popular t.v show must be packed with many sponsors but a break after a 2 minute? That's not even justice.

7. People treating animals badly. PETA , where's PETA? They need to be reported.

8. Dirty cars. This isn't something specific . While going somewhere, I see like thousands of vehicles. The cars or truck heavily dusted makes me wonder. Why would you like to ride an awesome Honda civic with lots of dirt on it? Can I call service for you?

9. Lack of switches . The first thing I do is charge all my gadgets before leaving for anywhere. If I can't get a place to charge my stuff, it's just a moment to slam my head to a wall (which I don't , of course )

10. People asking for something all over again:

Random person : Noor, have you got tissues?
Me: Nope.

*after 10 minutes*

Random person : Have you got tissues?
Me : I think I told you I don't.

*after a while*
Random person : Got tissues?
Me : I don't . (in my head: third time can't be a coincidence. What's wrong?)

What annoys you?

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Bring Me Joy

Secretly, I wanted to be an author, who would write many best-sellers and end up becoming next J.K Rowling. Oh, that's JK (just kidding) now.
In all the career talks, I have been focusing on my major finance plan. This or that , I just have a plain idea that I would end up in Math. Gosh, it always happens. If I become an accountant or similar in next five years, you all can be the witness that MATH HAPPENED TO ME . The innocent Noor DID NOT happen to Math .

I went to my school today, there is still some practical work to do. My annual journal for Physics hasn't been completed yet ( #kill ) so I dragged my morning peace on back and attended school. Well, I couldn't do my project there too but juniors invited us all for tomorrow's Earth day function. How lovely, I didn't even know tomorrow will be Earth Day. Now, let me paint my nails into all blue and attend a mother nature dedicated function for the sake of a good world. Awww :")
I drew this happy dappy world. 
You see, I will do anything for mother nature. To be honest, I will do anything for joy. It's always in little things. Err, says the philosopher in me.

The good ol list of the things that bring JOY to me

1- Funky nail paints . When I said all blue for mother nature, I mean it so darn hard.

2- Smell of earth after rain. It pushes me back to my childhood where we would wander here and there to collect stones and enjoy the season, as it would rain twice or thrice in this region.

3- Easy tests. You can't understand this joy unless you're a student. Some tests I gave deserved a low five but....this is what we can say "life".

4- Mascaras. The most important thing in my makeup box , I would be like a turnip without it. Not even kidding. Talk about Maybelline mascaras to me.

5- Gadgets. Self-explanatory but technology is a thing of joy. ETERNAL joy . How can you doubt the apps fun?

6- Food. Oh I SO love food. Some people live for food and some eat food to live. While I live with food. Okay, I am bragging.

7- Clothes . I am one of those people who complain about their wardrobe a lot, so new bundle of clothes are like a bundle of joyyyyyyy! #shopaholicproblems

If National Geographic sees this post, I am sure I am getting a chance in their next show that might be called "How To Be Easily Happy ; a show with Nur" ( double OO's are too mainstream. Just saying)

What brings you joy?
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Saturday, 19 April 2014

I Wave A Hi

Can I wave a HI to everyone again? 
I am officially back :) In the past month, it's been totally busy. I am no longer a high schooler , that golden era of ten years finally came to an end. State exams went super awesome but boy , those days were stressful when I couldn't do anything but study. Phew.
I will be starting college after a whole big gap of 4 months. Yeppie, I won't be handling a student status for that long time. In between , talk to me about fun of being young .

Many things have changed, many. 
Two weddings are coming , from fam. My maternal aunt and uncle are going to be married in August with their significant others. The funny thing is that my Uncle will get married on 14th August that's the Independence Day of Pakistan and my Aunt will get married on 16th August that is Areeba's and mine birthday. How patriotic and lovely! You can read about Aunt's wedding date event here.
In short, I had been studying and preparing for two weddings. 

My galaxy tab was the most sincere friend who kept me updated with news, social media and such. The most interesting (see also: not interesting) stuff I had been eyeing is :

1. Arrival of Samsung Galaxy S5
I have been a fan of both Apple and Samsung. BOTH! I don't see a point why there is a tough comparision amde by everyone on these brands. Apple is an elite and expensive brand, that no doubt makes great gadgets. While Samsung is another, quite user-friendly brand . (ahem , friendly to your bank balance)
Can you compare Maybelline with Channel? No? That's the case with Apple and Samsung for me.
As I got a Samsung Galaxy tab for myself , I was looking forward to the arrival of S5. To be honest, I am not going to buy it. Nah. Then why I was waiting?
I am asking the same thing to myself. I just love to spy on gadgets.

2. Hair Chalks

If someone tells me coloured hair are too mainstream. I would rather not listening to it. Because I've always wanted to colour my hair. Not completely, just the dip dyes or highlights. I have ordered a few hair chalks off ebay , that are taking FOREVER to arrive. Can anyone recommend me an eBay shop who will ship faster? I've lack of experience over there.
Annnd , L'Oréal just launched their hair chalks. As being self-claimed , biggest L'Oréal fan , I am dying to have their launch in Karachi so I can get my swag on. By the way, I know they're out in UK so get it while you can. I don't know if they're out in US or Canada too.

3. Blogosphere Stuff
What if I was out from blogging world? I had been keeping up as much as I could.

-My looooovely friend Raewyn is getting married tomorrow. EEEEKKK , I am SO happy for her. Please stop by her blog to congratulate her. Plis .____.
- Fatima opened her own ETSY shop. If you want to have some awesome notebooks, go to her shop.
-I really missed seeing Haley's daughter and the cutie pie Alina. She looks like a little grown up , I am always wanting to see her on instagram . She and I share the same name meaning, light <3

So that's it. I hope you remember me, that girl with curly hair and wide smile (oh stop being dramatic) . All my design projects and blog sponsors are live now. It's been....a while.
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Monday, 3 March 2014

Let The Time , Begin!

Hello's and hi's from this , half well and half cough-cough face . Oh no , not another "I'm sick , oh I am sick" post. It must be an honest and quite confessing one.
Last night , I slept at 4 am night . Not because I had been coughing (that I had) , just because I had an exam of Physics next morning . Being the senior of high school is great , the 11 years of grand work are finally setting the sails. I will be in college soon , but hey . I've got to pass the exams at the first hand , right? To be honest , my studies hours pretty much cut to 2/3 hours which would never be enough in a lifetime. Especially when it's about the last exam of your school life. I decided to unplug myself and put my head in books for a while. A month , dedicated to my good ol books.
If you ask a teenager what is it like to unplug and live a life with books , even for few days , what will be the reaction?
"It will be the death of me. How can you even ask so?"

That teenager might be me. Opps.

But probably , I won't behave like that anymore. The 10 years behind me have been glorious and the treasure of my whole life success. A good student's life . My life.

I'm going to finish all my blogging work , Facebook updates and designing work for a while. My exams are starting from 2 April and would end in mid of April. I will be using Twitter so hiiii , join me there if you want. All of Noor's Place sponsors have been informed about it and they've been so pleasant to work again in next months. I would need each and everyone's blessing for the biggest academic milestone of my life. Let the time , begin!!!
Now , a good ol' weekend update . Just because I have been super social in the past week , my family-ish weeks are the best.
1- My sick-face selfie . Though mom thought I should make it my facebook profile photo , I suggested why don't we just frame it and hang on the front wall? Nope.

2- Hard to confess , I am back to a-cup-milk-a-night formula. Maybe when you throw up everything at night , milk works better than the rest.

3- PIZZA TIME! I have been addicted to fajita pizza and you would probably find one each week on my Instagram every week. Maybe not always , I always make lame promises.

4- My little adorable cousin , Eishaal . Adorabeebubu!!! I love her and when we hang out , we're the coolest. You all probably remember her as real life princess.

Have a great Monday . If only you're in Monday hate league , just wait for Tuesday to arrive . Peace. 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

I Can be Annoying

It is never a pleasant experience to have a flu attack back , with a boost. This is my story , I woke up in the morning with my noisy alarm but couldn't step out of bad because it was so darn hard to drag my body. Hi , flu! I managed to go to school anyways , there I almost lost my voice . Have you ever experienced how worse losing voice is? You try hard to speak and it turns into squeak . My case.

Everything has been annoying for me and I have been (quite) annoying for everything. Maybe it's because I have lost my taste buds for a while now and the only thing that taste better is my toothpaste. That I might not eat (or I might , just depends upon the brushing skills of mine)

I could count stuff on my finger that might be annoying for others on my behalf. I am slightly NOT proud of it but certainly , I wouldn't make an effort to change it either. My mom calls it as a "Rotten Kid Term"

I'd crop anyone out of my picture if I look better in that one

This one maybe a recent and blurry one , I get that. But I would never ever leave a picture of two of us without cropping if I look rather pretty. It's not always the case though. I like being overprotective.

I would take pictures that mom doesn't appreciate
Once , I wanted to be a photographer. That one who has a big fancy camera and works of vogue or something. My own house would be a piece of art and yada yada yada. Honestly , it never turned out that way. You may be cautious of public while taking selfies or food shots but I am cautious of mom. She doesn't get my lame excuse for capturing a street light on a very street. I keep doing anyways.

If you're hanging out with me , I will control the music
I have a very picky choice in music. I can't stand a sad , crying type of song in a party. It does make sense as you can't rather throwing confetti under a crying song? I would be unconscious if that happens. My parties are always so loud , with crazy music. 

You may not find it all annoying , exactly. But I do . Annoyance is seriously various for everyone. Duh!

Do you have some annoying quirks?

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linking up with Nicole

I've a very special blogger to introduce on blog today , it's Megan from The Artistic Brunette . Her blog is all about empowering other young peeps. She's a college senior and travel enthusiastic. You should check her out.
1- If you could describe your life in a paragraph , how would it be?
Hello, it’s Megan over at The Artistic Brunette.  I am a 20-Something exploring the world one step at a time.  I love all things beautiful, musical and classy. These days you can find me in one of those snazzy little coffee shops reading your blogs, listening to my favorite indie music, planning out my next adventure and of course doing homework – life of a college student.  Visit The Artistic Brunette to learn more about amazing places to get a bite to eat, countries and places to explore, my latest life endeavors and tips on navigating a career as a 20Something.  I would love to have you over.  Come join the music!

2- If you could hang out with any celebrity , who would he/she be?
I would have to go for Buster Posey.  Yes, he is a pitcher on the Giants baseball team. Super hot with a Southern accent.

3- What's the most important thing you learned from blogging?
Blogging is work!  But I like it. It gives us a chance to be creative, express ourselves and meet new people.

4- A tip you might want to give to bloggers?
A tip.  Take the opportunity.  Opportunities present themselves to us everyday.  We just have to have the courage to pursue them!

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