Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bits From My Week

Hello everyone, I am taking a day off from college and plan on nothing else but a relaxed day including a bit of homework (business math and principle of commerce duhh) and some creative work.
This week has been so exciting. I am glad to be back in student form again, getting ready for final examinations that are supposed to be in the end of April and try to get the shiz together. Well, that's not an easy task altogether.
I am sharing the most exciting bits from my week today. This kind of bright and happy posts really make me happy to write especially when they have something to do with pretty photos, teehee!

I got a new iPod touch 5, since my last one was stolen. If you don't know the sad story, you should go and read it. I love it already and my iPodography spirit is back in action again. It's a silver colored iPod , same as my previous one and I've named it Podi-Podi II. Honestly, I make everyone call it with its name.
Areeba : Noor, pass me your iPod.
Me: Call it with its name.
Areeba: It has an embarrassing name.
Me: If you want it, call it with its name,
Areeba: UGGHHH!!! Okay, please pass me the glorious Mr Podi-Podi.
Me: There you go *hands her ipod*

I got red dip dyes. Exactly like those I used to see at Pinterest and Tumblr. I wanted red hair since forever. THEY'RE SO PRETTY OMGG. The best thing is that they're mine.
I was so worried about the turn out. The color we decided on was magic blonde + garnet red. My hair were plain brown and there were chances it wouldn't look as pretty as I anticipated.
But...when....they...were....done.....they looked well, oh more than just well.
Albeit, they're also putting me in awkward situations.
Like, I was innocently sitting in class, glancing at my nearly-done accounting assignment, just then my teacher came up to me and asked "what's up with your hair?" I answered "umm they're dyed." She seemed amused. Or that's what I assume.
A college fellow was standing beside me, she looked at me and asked "what did you do with your hair?" Believe me, I wanted to say I PUT THEM ON STOVE AND BURNED THEM but being mannered, I told her I got them dyed. Phew! Life is never easy, with red or brown hair.

This beautiful view outside the college auditorium. 
College has been fun, yeah including all the studies and stuff. I am probably not the best person who studies all around the year BUT the crammer one who does everything at the end of the year. I am trying to get rid of this bad habit by putting reminders , making schedule and making things fine but it's a pressurized trait I might not be able to take easily. But don't we all need to get out of the comfort zone and kick it off at least for once? I am doing it and I'm not afraid if I fail, I will get hold of this organizing thing someday. Someday.

I wrote a new poem and named it Truth. This poem speaks so well to me, and people around me.

I originally published it on my when an anonymous questioner asked me to post a poem. I was wondering how should I post my poems, post them in whole posts or post them on social media only? I am still confused about publishing them but for now, I will keep writing and posting randomly whenever I have chance. I'll be putting new one on instagram, so be sure you follow me.

This is my week in a nutshell. Yo! Do not forget to join #socialbloggers chat on Twitter tonight , 6-7 PM UK time & 11-12PM Karachi time.

How was your week?

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Book Review // Tape by Steven Camden

I have vowed myself to read a lot of books this year. Mainly, my 2015 Goodreads challenge is to complete 10 books (yes my hopes are certainly high like this) so I am going to read them all, in a quality manner. YAY!!!

The first book I finished in this reading game is Tape by Steven Camden. I got it from Karachi book fair. To be completely honest, I was so tempted by the cute cover , illustration and an unexpected excerpt I fell in love with.
But was that worth it?
I guess.

This book revolves around three characters (Ameliah , Ryan and Eva). But only Ameliah is living in present while Ryan and Eve are characters from past. They all share a relation which is defined afterwards in the book. I mean, in the very end of the book where you could easily figure everything out on your own.

S T O R Y :
Ameliah is living with her grandma after her parents died. As miserable as she could be, her social life is equivalent to nothing, except of a few friends. One day she finds out some old tapes in her mom's possessions and she starts learning about the love story of her parents. Who fell in love unexpectedly and unconditionally. In between, she learns to live her life back and figures out new things about her family.

Tape is written in the best writing manner I could ever read in a YA novel.  Seriously, the author was easy on story telling and without being cliche, I found it so cute. The story interconnected past and present beautifully. I was reading about teenagers who lived in different decade along with a teen who was living in the modern decade. But the bond between them was beyond the time and decades.
But what lacked the most is story. A proper story plot and everything. Yes, I still can't figure out how story ended and it gave me hard time putting different pieces of story together.

There were paragraphs where I felt nothing at all except eyeing plain words. Well, like half of the time I felt that way. There were only two points where I was eager to read it. Other than that, it was a bit boring. Like reading conversations over conversations, thoughts+ views of different people I might never be interested in.

Altogether, it's a....errr...nice book. But a good one if you feel the story. I found the prologue so closed to my heart so I felt it all the way, though it kind of saddened me when it turned out to be a lot different against what I thought it might be. *heart breaks*

Rate : 2.75/4
Thoughts : I wish the story was captivating all along, even slightly. But I really like the concept and story. In fact, I love it. They way author made characters so real and lovable, I couldn't dislike it.

What are some new books you're reading lately?

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Good Ol' Randoms

It's been a while since I wrote about little and random things. Like, a big big while. I will do it now. Wide grin.
College is started back after an extended winter break. To be honest, I missed it a lot. There were days when I hated the thought of going to college for the first time and now I don't even want to miss a single day. Except of a few subjects that I may or may not like.
I was indirectly talking about Economics.
On Wednesday, I had a test and I totally forgot about it. I worked on an assignment on same test in winter break so I had some acquaintance of what it would be about.  I went to attend the class and when I realized I had to give Economics' test, I nearly freaked out. "Should I go and tell teacher I am not interested in test?" or "Oh hi there, I forgot about the test. Haha!"
Neither was an option.
When teacher had written down all questions, I squinted my eyes to see the questions. There was a hard question and all others were rather easy. SHE GAVE A CHOICE. And I, very happily, left the hard one on choice and did the rest on my own. Believe me, I thought I could never pass the test but god bless the winter break test, I passed it. Never mind, the topic was Money. Different theories about it and some equations I would never be interest in.

I revamped nearly all of my blog pages. About me page was so old, A Twin life page lacked a lot info and my contact page was a baaaaasic. They're pretty good now.

I am working on some new poems. A yay moment. It had been a while since I wanted to write something. Perhaps some insecurities held me back or I just couldn't fit the perfect words or perfect occasions. But while scrolling through my quora feed, I read some answers on poetry topic. A 58 years old poet shared his views how he kept writing crap (yeah he said that) and after a lot of practice, he nailed the poetry game. It made me realize we never actually need a perfect occasion to do a certain thing. Our actions determine the importance of moment or event, it could be nothing at all or everything at once. I like this philosophical thing about being a poet or something.
I can't believe my own words when I call myself a writer or a poet. Opss!

New Year's resolution list has been hit hard. I am already half way another book of Dan Brown, doing a bit of work out and writing things down. Oh and also creating some art pieces as well. I have finally stopped saying "I am not an art person" because it's not truth. Every person in this whole wide world is an art person. In one way or another. So yeah yeah, I am also an art person , in a very different way.

So it was my teeny tiny update. How was your week?
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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Movies I Watched // some reviews

I can't be claimed as a movie junkie but once in a while, I completely become a movies addict. Just because I had 12 extra days of vacations, I watched a lot of movies. And I thought, "well I could even write about it." I suppose it will make me feel like a IMDb specialist, so I will give it a shot. Writing a good or bad movie review will surely help me letting out the unspoken gossip I wanted to babble, anyways.

// Beautiful Creature

I watched it at a sleepover. It had been a while since I watched a fantasy fiction kind of thing and when everyone chose it for the movie night, I knew it must be something special.
It's about a girl Lena, who's from a witch family. Or nearly like that. She, herself, doesn't want to be a witch. They have a tradition that if someone believes in being good, they don't turn bad as witches. She also meets a guy, Ethan, who's human, having a unknown past. They fall in love, fight a lot of misfortunes and finally have a happy end.
It's a lot better than what I just described. Beautiful Creatures is definitely a great movie. Wonderful mystic/fantasy fiction.
Rate : 8/10

// Boyhood

Boyhood is an amazing piece of work, because it was filmed with the same cast for 12 years. It shows the growing up of a boy , along with his sister. How they grew up, spent their days, went to school. ALL IN REAL TIME. You could see everyone growing up, getting older. It was so real.
I was eager to watch it. Seriously, I was. But it didn't turn out how I felt about it. The movie was a lot boring, before and after interval. At some points, I felt like I was spying on someone from a CCTV camera and they all were boring. I completed it in two days.

Rate : 4/10 (I am sure filmmakers put a lot efforts but it could be a good documentary-like instead of a movie)

// Pirates Of the Caribbean

Before I had even watched it, I just thought it was a creepy, fighting-kind-of movie that involved Britishers and Pirates of old age. But gladly, it wasn't what I thought. Yay!
It's a fantasy movie, in a series. I have watched 2 parts of it already. 2 more to go.
The plot is based on a clever pirate, Jack Sparrow, who's a famous enough to get his warrants out from British Army.
He wants to get his ship Black Pearl back from his previous mates, who are now cursed from a treasure they stole. Though it's the plot of the first movie. There's a lot more going on in other movies of the series. Like a lot of other characters and their stories and they ALL make a wonderful film. It's hard to describe it all.
Rate : 10/10 LOVE IT (though it can be creepy with skeletons and stuff)

// Forrest Gump

I am still unsure how I felt about this movie. Good or bad, good or bad?
Forest Gump, is a man. Who had a simple life, at least he spent his life very simply. He worked hard, became a football star, got into Army, spent days in Vietnam, started a business, became a millionaire , loved a girl SO much who was her childhood bestie. He married her , when she was about to die.
Yeah, this movie went on like this. He also ran for 3 years because he felt like running. For years. This movie is narrated by Forset Gump himself and he was so funny. I think I enjoyed it a lot, a lot to re-watch it maybe.
Rate: 9/10

What are some movies you watched recently?

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Products I Love

The best thing about winter is that I can keep switching between different products and it doesn't even matter because almost all of them has got the same purpose to serve and it doesn't hurt anybody.
Y A Y !
Like, lotions / lip balms / shampoos and yadda yadda yadda.
Currently, there are some products I am hooked to. Mainly because they smell heavenly. I've been hunting for products who, good.

From left to right : Dermoviva Face Scrub | 8x4 Deodorant | Jergens Musk lotion | Labello

The face scrub is kind of special. My aunt got me this from U.A.E. It's the very first time I'm gifted a grown up gift. It's like reviving old memories when all big girls of family received make up as a souvenir while us kids just get chocolates. So yeah, it's making me feel like "high five, you're now listed as a big kid in fam"
Except of that, it smells great. It's pink and it refreshes my face. It's a normal skin face scrub, to use twice in a week. I love it.

8x4 Deodorant seemed funny because bottle said it had papaya in it. Whaaat? I never even liked papaya. But the scent itself is awesome enough to forget the fact it has papaya in it. Okay, well I hate typing papaya. Err!

Jergens lotion. Lotions are lotions, I get that. Pretty normal for me to use any kind of lotion but it has scent of musk that I loved. It's the only fact I'm adoring it because it has distinct smell. Oh and a pretty bottle as well. Unless I'd stick to a standard Nivea.

Labello is my all-time favorite. I have all flavors. Lemon, apple and rose. But I usually use rose for two reasons :
1) It's pink.
2) It smells of roses (I LAHVE ROSES)
These are my favorite at the moment. Though I can't wait summer to come over soon. Winter has been terribly dry. But the fact that winter break from college is going to be over soon, it is saddening me. Can somebody please buy me a ticket for wonderland? I will pay in sparkly notes!

What are some of your favorite products these days?

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